Price: 3900,00 EUR + 19% VAT

We introduce interface and application created by Mechasoft GmbH, used for advanced diagnostics, repairs and programming of automatic transmission with integrated “Mechatronic” control units.

We have developed our „MechaProg A“ tool for bench programming of V.A.G Mechatronics. It is a multiplexer, based on regular VAS 5054 (you need to have own one) and work like Add-On application. It can be installed on computers or laptops with VAS installed on Windows XP or WIN7. It doesn’t matter what is the actual system or VAS language. The unique feature of our tool is the way of choosing software – you can simply find needed part number on ETKA catalog or read it from VAS identification and compare it directly with our database. „MechaProg A“ has build-in firmware database which make possible to work with 01J, 02E, 0AM, 09G, 09K, 09D or even ZF 6HP gearboxes. Programming of ZF and AISIN transmissions should be restricted to upgrading or downgrading of software version. Interchanging of ZF 6HPxx software by Audi or Pheaton is very risky but still possible (advanced knowledge required). MechaProg do not have READ function. If you will have any ECU not listed in our database, simply send us binary file readed by other tool or a whole ECU to Germany and we will read it out for you. Please note, that software integration will be done with the next available update of Mechaprog application! Activating of new files will occure individualy for each customer.

You can download simplified DEMO here: DOWNLOAD

Please check the list below for actual compability of „MechaProg A“:

0AM300045v0808KHM1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300045Av0605KHN1,4l TFSI 92kW EU
0AM300045Av0809KHN1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300045Bv0904KHP1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300046v1007LKL1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300046v1008LKL1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300046Av1009LKM1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300046Bv1012LKN1,8l 118kW
0AM300046Bv1013LKN1,8l 118kW
0AM300046Cv1012LKP1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300046Cv1014LKP1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300046Cv1015LKP1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300046Fv0801LKF1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300046Fv0803LKF1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300046Gv0801LKG1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300046Hv0803LKJ1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300047Av21401,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300047Bv1501LQK1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300047Cv15991,8l 118kW
0AM300047Ev1599LQN1,6l 77kW TDI CR EU
0AM300047Ev1601LQN1,6l 77kW TDI CR EU
0AM300047Ev1814LQN1,6l 77kW TDI CR EU
0AM300047Ev1902LQN1,6l 77kW TDI CR EU
0AM300047Jv1301LSR1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300047Kv1301LSS1,8l 118kW
0AM300047Kv1302LSS1,8l 118kW
0AM300047Lv1305LST1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300047Mv1305LSU1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300047Qv1302LWZ1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300047Qv1303LWZ1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300047Rv1305LWW1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300047Rv1306LWW1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300047Sv1305LWX1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048v1599LXA1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300048v1599LXA1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300048v1599LXA1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048v1815LXA1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300048v1816LXA1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300048v1906LXA1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Av1002LYG1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Fv1497MDH1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Fv1602MDH1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Fv1813MDH1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Fv1903MDH1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Gv1599MGJ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300048Gv1601MGJ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300048Gv1802MGJ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300048Gv1903MGJ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300048Gv2106MGJ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300048Gv2470MGJ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300048Gv2472MGJ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300048Gv2474MGJ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300048Gv2475MGJ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
0AM300048Hv1599MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv1601MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv1802MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv1803MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv1806MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv1807MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv1904MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv1905MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv2166MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv2669MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv2680MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv9030MGC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300048Hv9041MGC1,4l 96kW TSI
0AM300048Hv9050MGC1,4l 96kW TSI
0AM300048Jv15991,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv1599MGE1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv1599MGE1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv1601MGE1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv1803MGE1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv1805MGE1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv1904MGE1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv2167MGE1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv2670MGE1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv2680MGE1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv9030MGE 1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300048Kv9050MGE1,6l 77kW MPI
0AM300048Lv1599MGK1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Lv1599MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv1602MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv1603MGK1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300048Lv1604MGK1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Lv1805MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv1806MGK1,4l 96kW TFSI RUS
0AM300048Lv1807MGK1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Lv1812MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv1908MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv1909MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv2150MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv2151MGK1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Lv2174MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv2370MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv2668MGK1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Lv2669MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv2680MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv2681MGK1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Lv9032MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Lv9033MGK1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Lv9058MGK1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300048Lv9059MGK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300048Mv1599MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv1603MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv1604MGL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300048Mv1605MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv1806MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv1807MGL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300048Mv1808MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv1813MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv1815MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv1909MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv1910MGL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300048Mv1911MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv1912MGL1,8l 118kW es KI
0AM300048Mv2151MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv2153MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv2667MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv2669MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv2680MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv2681MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv9032MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv9033MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv9058MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Mv9059MGL1,8l 118kW
0AM300048Nv1599MGM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300048Nv1599MGM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300048Nv1603MGM1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300048Nv1604MGM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300048Nv1805MGM1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300048Nv1806MGM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300048Nv1811MGM1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300048Nv1907MGM1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300048Nv1908MGM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300048Nv2154MGM1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300048Nv2155MGM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300048Nv2668MGM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300048Nv2669MGM1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300048Nv2680MGM1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300048Nv2681MGM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300048Nv9032MGM1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300048Nv9033MGM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300048Nv9056MGM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300048Nv9059MGM1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300048Pv1599MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv1604MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv1809MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv1901MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv1902MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv2156MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv2340MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv2351MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv2670MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv2680MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv2681MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv9031MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Pv9060MGN1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300048Qv1599MGP1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Qv1605MGP1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Qv1810MGP1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Qv1902MGP1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Qv2157MGP1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Qv2341MGP1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Qv2670MGP1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Qv2680MGP1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Qv9032MGP1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Qv9059MGP1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300048Rv1599MGQ1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048Rv1599MGQ1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048Rv1601MGQ1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048Rv1602MGQ1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300048Rv1803MGQ1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048Rv1804MGQ1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300048Rv1810MGQ1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300048Rv1905MGQ1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048Rv1906MGQ1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300048Rv2158MGQ1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048Rv2159MGQ1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300048Rv2670MGQ1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048Rv2671MGQ1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300048Rv2680MGQ1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048Rv2681MGQ1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300048Rv9030MGQ1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048Rv9031MGQ1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300048Rv9040MGQ1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300048Rv9041MGQ1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300048Sv1599MGR1,4l 125/132kW EU5
0AM300048Sv1599MGR1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300048Sv1603MGR1,4l 125/132kW EU5
0AM300048Sv1604MGR1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300048Sv1805MGR1,4l 125/132kW EU5
0AM300048Sv1806MGR1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300048Sv1907MGR1,4l 125/132kW EU5
0AM300048Sv1908MGR1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300048Sv2160MGR1,4l 125/132kW EU5
0AM300048Sv2161MGR + PR – D311,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300048Sv2669MGR1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300048Sv2670MGR1,4l 125/132kW EU5
0AM300048Sv2680MGR1,4l 125/132kW EU5
0AM300048Sv2681MGR1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300048Sv9030MGR1,4l 125/132kW EU5
0AM300048Sv9031MGR1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300048Sv9058MGR1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300048Sv9059MGR1,4l 125/132kW EU5
0AM300048Tv15991,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300049v1599MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v1599MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v1606MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v1809MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v1901MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v2164MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v2342MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v2351MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v2670MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v2680MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v2681MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v9030MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049v9060MGT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049Bv1599MGV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Bv1605MGV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Bv1807MGV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Bv1901MGV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Bv2165MGV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Bv2173MGV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Bv2670MGV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Bv2680MGV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Bv9030MGV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Bv9059MGV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Dv15991,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300049Ev1601MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev1812MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev1813MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev1902MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev1903MGU1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Ev2162MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev2163MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev2172MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev2181MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev2669MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev2670MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev2680MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev2682MGU1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Ev9032MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Ev9033MGU1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Ev9058MGU1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Ev9059MGU1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Gv1993MLB1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Gv1994MLB1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Gv1995MLB1,2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Gv1997MLB1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300049Gv2101MLB1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300049Gv2102MLB1,2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Gv2103MLB1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Gv2104MLB1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Gv2175MLB1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300049Gv2179MLB1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Gv2180MLB1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Gv2670MLB1,2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Gv2681MLB1,2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Gv9030MLB1,2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Gv9060MLB1,2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Hv1996MLC1,8l 118kW
0AM300049Hv1998MLC1,8l 118kW
0AM300049Hv2101MLC1,8l 118kW
0AM300049Hv2102MLC1,8l 118kW
0AM300049Jv1994MLD1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300049Jv1995MLD1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300049Jv2101MLD1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300049Jv2102MLD1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300049Kv1998MLE1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300049Kv2101MLE1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300049Lv1998MLF1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300049Lv2101MLF1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300049Mv1997MLG1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300049Mv1998MLG1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300049Mv2104MLG1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300049Mv2105MLG1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300049Nv1991MLH1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300049Nv1992MLH1,4l 125/132kW EU5
0AM300049Nv2105MLH 1,4l 132kW BIT
0AM300049Nv2106MLH1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300049Nv2107MLH1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300049Nv2108MLH1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300049Pv1997MLJ1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Pv1998MLJ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Pv2106MLJ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Pv2107MLJ1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Pv2108MLJ1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Pv2109MLJ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Pv2110MLJ1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300049Pv2170MLJ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300049Pv2182MLJ1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300049Qv1993MLK1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300049Qv2105MLK1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300049Rv1998MLL1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300049Rv2105MLL1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300049Sv1989MLM1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049Sv1990MLM1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049Sv2106MLM1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049Sv2107MLM1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300049Tv1995MLN1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Tv2110MLN1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Tv2111MLN1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Tv2171MLN1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300049Tv2199MLN1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300050Av1998MLP1,6l 75kW CR
0AM300050Av2101MLP1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300050Bv1998MLQ1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Bv2101MLQ1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Dv2199MPH1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300050Dv2199MPH1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300050Dv2199MPH1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300050Dv2314MPH1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Dv2324MPH1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Dv2370MPH1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300050Dv2371MPH1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Dv2372MPH1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Dv2667MPH1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Dv2668MPH1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Dv2669MPH1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Dv2680MPH1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300050Dv2681MPH1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Dv2682MPH1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Dv9030MPH1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Dv9041MPH1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Dv9060MPH1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Dv9061MPH1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Dv9062MPH1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2199MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2199MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2312MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2313MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2314MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2322MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2323MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2324MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2325MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2670MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2671MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2672MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2673MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2674MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2680MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2681MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2682MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2683MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev2684MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev9032MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev9033MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev9060MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev9061MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev9062MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev9063MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Ev9064MPJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300050Fv2195MPK1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300050Fv2199MPK1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300050Fv2199MPK1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300050Fv2314MPK1,4l 118kW CHINA
0AM300050Fv2667MPK1,4l 118kW CHINA
0AM300050Fv2668MPK1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300050Fv2669MPK1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300050Fv2680MPK1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300050Fv2681MPK1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300050Fv2684MPK1,4l 118kW CHINA
0AM300050Fv9030MPK1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300050Fv9031MPK1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300050Fv9032MPK1,4l 118kW CHINA
0AM300050Fv9057MPK1,4l 118kW CHINA
0AM300050Fv9058MPK1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300050Fv9065MPK1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300050Gv2199MPL1,6l 77kW TDI
0AM300050Gv2321MPL1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300050Gv2350MPL1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300050Gv2670MPL1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300050Gv2680MPL1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300050Gv2681MPL1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300050Gv9030MPL1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300050Gv9060MPL1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300050Hv2199MPM1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300050Hv2670MPM1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300050Hv2680MPM1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300050Hv9030MPM1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300050Hv9060MPM1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300050Jv2199MPN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300050Jv2199MPN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300050Jv2322MPN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300050Jv2670MPN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300050Jv2671MPN1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300050Jv2680MPN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300050Jv2681MPN1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300050Jv9030MPN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300050Jv9031MPN1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300050Jv9060MPN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300050Jv9061MPN1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300050Kv2198MPP1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300050Kv2199MPP1,4l 132kW BIT
0AM300050Kv2199MPP1,4l 132kW BIT
0AM300050Kv2199MPP1,4l 132kW BIT
0AM300050Kv2314MPP1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300050Kv2321MPP1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300050Kv2322MPP1,4l 132kW BIT
0AM300050Kv2324MPP1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300050Kv2623MPP1,4l 132kW BIT
0AM300050Kv2668MPP1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300050Kv2669MPP1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300050Kv2670MPP1,4l 132kW BIT
0AM300050Kv2671MPP1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300050Kv2680MPP1,4l 132kW BIT
0AM300050Kv2681MPP1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300050Kv2682MPP1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300050Kv2683MPP1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300050Kv9030MPP1,4l 132kW BIT
0AM300050Kv9031MPP1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300050Kv9032MPP1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300050Kv9033MPP1,4l 4V BIT 132/136kW EU/China
0AM300050Kv9057MPP1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300050Kv9058MPP1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300050Kv9059MPP1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300050Kv9060MPP1,4l 132kW BIT
0AM300050Lv2199MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2199MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2199MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2199MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2199MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2199MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2325MPQ1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Lv2326MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2370MPQ1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Lv2371MPQ1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2372MPQ1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300050Lv2655MPQ1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Lv2656MPQ1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300050Lv2657MPQ1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2658MPQ1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300050Lv2659MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2668MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2669MPQ1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300050Lv2677MPQ1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300050Lv2680MPQ1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300050Lv2681MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2682MPQ1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300050Lv2683MPQ1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2684MPQ1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300050Lv2685MPQ1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Lv2686MPQ1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv2687MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300050Lv9030MPQ1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv9031MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300050Lv9032MPQ1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300050Lv9033MPQ1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv9034MPQ1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300050Lv9035MPQ1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Lv9036MPQ1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv9037MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300050Lv9040MPQ1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv9041MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300050Lv9042MPQ1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300050Lv9043MPQ1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv9044MPQ1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300050Lv9045MPQ1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Lv9046MPQ1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300050Lv9047MPQ1,2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300050Lv9049MPQ1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300050Mv2199MPR1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300050Mv2311MPR1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300050Mv2321MPR1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300050Mv2670MPR1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300050Mv2680MPR1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300050Mv9030MPR1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300050Mv9060MPR1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300050Nv2199MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv2312MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv2322MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv2370MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv2371MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv2668MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv2669MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv2680MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv2681MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv9030MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv9031MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv9061MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Nv9062MPS1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300050Pv2199MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv2199MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv2321MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv2350MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv2670MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv2671MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv2680MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv2681MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv2682MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv9030MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv9031MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv9060MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Pv9061MPT1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300050Qv2199MPU1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300050Qv2199MPU1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300050Qv2321MPU1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300050Qv2669MPU1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300050Qv2670MPU1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300050Qv2680MPU1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300050Qv2681MPU1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300050Qv9030MPU1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300050Qv9031MPU1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300050Qv9060MPU1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300050Qv9061MPU1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300050Rv2199MPV1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300050Rv2311MPV1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300050Rv2321MPV1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300050Rv2670MPV1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300050Rv2680MPV1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300050Rv2681MPV1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300050Rv9060MPV1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300050Sv2199MPW1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Sv2311MPW1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Sv2321MPW1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Sv2370MPW1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Sv2669MPW1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Sv2680MPW1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Sv9030MPW1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Sv9041MPW1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Sv9060MPW1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300050Tv21991,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300051v1805MQE1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300051v1806MQE1,4l 4V 96kW
0AM300051v2168MQE1,4l 4V 96kW
0AM300051v2176MQE1,4l 4V 96kW
0AM300051v2370MQE1,4l 4V 96kW
0AM300051v2669MQE1,4l 4V 96kW
0AM300051v2680MQE1,4l 4V 96kW
0AM300051v9030MQE1,4l 4V 96kW
0AM300051v9041MQE1,4l 4V 96kW
0AM300051v9059MQE1,4l 4V 96kW
0AM300051Av1805MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Av2170MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Av2171MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Av2668MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Av2669MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Av2680MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Av2681MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Av9032MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Av9033MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Av9058MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Av9059MQH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Bv1996MQF1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300051Bv2106MQF1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300051Bv2108MQF1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300051Bv2110MQF1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300051Bv2670MQF1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300051Bv2681MQF1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300051Bv9030MQF1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300051Bv9060MQF1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300051Cv1997MQJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Cv2104MQJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Cv2105MQJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Cv2199MQJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Dv2199MQG1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300051Fv1998MSL1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300051Fv2103MSL1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300051Lv2199MUV1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300051Lv2670MUV1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300051Lv2680MUV1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300051Lv9030MUV1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300051Lv9060MUV1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300051Mv2669MYQ1,4l 118kW FBU China
0AM300051Mv2680MYQ1,4l 118kW FBU China
0AM300051Mv9030MYQ1,4l 118kW FBU China
0AM300051Mv9059MYQ1,4l 118kW FBU China
0AM300051Nv2105MYR1,4l 118kW FBU
0AM300051Nv2199MYR1,4l 118kW FBU China
0AM300051Rv2710NAT1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300051Sv2710NAU1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300051Sv2711NAU1,4l BIT 118kW FBU CHINA
0AM300051Tv3663NAV1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300052Bv2713NAY1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300052Dv2710NBA1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300052Dv2717NBA1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300052Dv2730NBA1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300052Dv2731NBA1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300052Ev2710NBB1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300052Kv3420NBG1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300052Kv3660NBG1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300052Kv4541NBG1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300052Kv4562NBG1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300052Kv5271NBG1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300052Qv2710NKA1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300052Rv2320NKW1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300052Rv2323NKW1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300052Rv2324NKW1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300052Rv2670NKW1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300052Rv2680NKW1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300052Rv9030NKW1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300052Rv9060NKW1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300053v3030NQA1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300053v3460NQA1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300053v3461NQA1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300053v3462NQA1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300053v3463NQA1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300053v3464NQA1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300053v3465NQA1,4l BIT 118kW FBU CHINA
0AM300053v3466NQA1,4l 103 125k China
0AM300053Av3010NQB1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300053Av3460NQB1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300053Av3461NQB1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300053Bv3020NQC1,4l BIT 118kW FBU CHINA
0AM300053Cv3070NQD1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300053Cv3460NQD1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300053Cv3461NQD1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300053Cv3462NQD1,6l 4V 77kW CR TDI
0AM300053Dv3011NQE1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300053Dv3070NQE1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300053Dv3463NQE1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300053Ev3460NQF1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300053Fv3460NQG1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300053Fv3461NQG1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300053Gv3460NQH1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300053Gv3461NQH1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300053Gv3462NQH1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300053Hv3460NQJ1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300053Jv3030NQK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300053Jv3031NQK1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300053Jv3032NQK1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300053Jv3033NQK1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300053Jv3069NQK1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300053Jv3460NQK1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300053Jv3461NQK1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300053Jv3462NQK1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300053Jv3463NQK1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300053Jv3464NQK1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300053Jv3465NQK1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300053Jv3466NQK1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300053Jv3467NQK1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300053Kv3030NQL1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300053Kv3460NQL1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300053Lv3071NQM1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300053Lv3460NQM1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300053Lv3461NQM1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300053Mv3460NQN1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300053Mv3461NQN1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300053Nv3460NQP1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300053Pv2710NRN1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300053Pv2743NRN1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300053Pv2744NRN1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300053Qv2710NRP1,6l 77kW MPI China
0AM300053Rv2710NRQ1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300053Rv2741NRQ1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300053Rv2742NRQ1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300053Sv2710NRR1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300053Sv2712NRR1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300053Tv2710NRS1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300053Tv2742NRS1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300053Tv2743NRS1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300054Av3630NTP1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300054Av3632NTP1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300054Av3633NTP1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300054Av3635NTP1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300054Av3636NTP1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300054Av3640NTP1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300054Av3641NTP1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300054Av3642NTP1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300054Av3643NTP1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300054Av3644NTP1,4l BIT 118kW FBU CHINA
0AM300054Av3645NTP1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300054Av3646NTP1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300054Av3647NTP1,4l 103 125k China
0AM300054Bv3632NTQ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300054Bv3640NTQ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300054Bv3641NTQ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300054Bv3642NTQ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300054Bv3643NTQ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300054Bv3644NTQ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300054Dv3640NTS1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300054Dv3641NTS1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300054Dv3642NTS1,6l 4V 77kW CR TDI
0AM300054Ev3640NTT1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300054Fv3640NTU1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300054Gv3640NTV1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300054Gv3641NTV1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300054Hv3640NTW1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300054Hv3641NTW1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300054Hv3642NTW1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300054Jv3630NTX1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300054Jv3640NTX1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300054Lv3630NTZ1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300054Lv3636NTZ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300054Lv3640NTZ1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300054Lv3641NTZ1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300054Lv3642NTZ1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300054Lv3643NTZ1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300054Lv3644NTZ1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300054Lv3645NTZ1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300054Lv3646NTZ1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300054Lv3647NTZ1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300054Lv3648NTZ1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300054Mv3640NUA1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300054Nv3640NUB1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300054Nv3641NUB1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300054Pv3640NUC1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300054Pv3641NUC1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300054Qv3630NUD1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300054Rv3640NUE1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300057Av3460PFC1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300057Bv3460PFD1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300057Cv3460PFE1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300057Cv3461PFE1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300057Cv3462PFE1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300057Dv3460PFF1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300057Nv4530PKM1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300057Nv4531PKM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300057Nv4532PKM1,4l BIT 118kW FBU CHINA
0AM300057Nv4533PKM1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300057Nv4534PKM1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300057Nv4535PKM1,4l 103 125k China
0AM300057Nv4536PKM1,4l BIT 118kW MOT BMT
0AM300057Nv4537PKM1,4l BIT 118kW Ohne BMT
0AM300057Pv4530PKN1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300057Pv4531PKN1,8l 118kW
0AM300057Qv3650PLK1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300057Qv4540PLK1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300057Qv4560PLK1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300057Qv4561PLK1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300057Qv5270PLK1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300057Rv4530PKP1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300057Rv4531PKP1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300057Rv4532PKP1,6l 4V 77kW CR TDI
0AM300057Sv4530PKQ1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300057Tv4530PKR1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300058v4530PKS1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300058v4531PKS1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300058Av4530PKT1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300058Av4531PKT 1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300058Bv4530PKU1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300058Cv4530PKV1,4l 4V 103kW ZAS
0AM300058Dv4530PKW1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300058Dv4531PKW1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300058Dv4533PKW1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300058Dv4534PKW1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300058Dv4535PKW1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300058Dv4536PKW1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300058Dv4538PKW1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300058Ev4530PKX1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300058Fv4530PKY1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300058Gv4530PKZ1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300058Gv4531PKZ1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300058Kv3650PLH1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300058Kv4540PLH1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300058Kv4560PLH1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300058Kv4561PLH1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300058Kv5270PLH1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300058Lv3650PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv3651PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv3652PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv4540PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv4541PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv4542PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv4560PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv4561PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv4562PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv5270PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv5271PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Lv5272PLL1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Mv4540PLJ1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300058Mv4560PLJ1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300058Mv4561PLJ1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300058Mv5270PLJ1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300058Nv3650PLM1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300058Nv4540PLM1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300058Nv4560PLM1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300058Nv4561PLM1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300058Nv5270PLM1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300058Pv3650PMH1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300058Pv3651PMH1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300058Pv3652PMH1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300058Pv3653PMH1,4l BIT 118kW FBU CHINA
0AM300058Pv3655PMH1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300058Pv3656PMH1,4l 103 125k China
0AM300058Pv3658PMH1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300058Pv4540PMH1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300058Pv4541PMH1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300058Pv4542PMH1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300058Pv4543PMH1,4l BIT 118kW FBU CHINA
0AM300058Pv4544PMH1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300058Pv4545PMH1,4l 103 125k China
0AM300058Pv4547PMH1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300058Pv4560PMH1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300058Pv4561PMH1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300058Pv4562PMH1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300058Pv4563PMH1,4l BIT 118kW FBU CHINA
0AM300058Pv4564PMH1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300058Pv4565PMH1,4l 103 125k China
0AM300058Pv4566PMH1,4l BIT 118kW MOT
0AM300058Pv4567PMH1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300058Pv5224PMH1,4l 103 125k China
0AM300058Pv5270PMH1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300058Pv5271PMH1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300058Pv5272PMH1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300058Pv5273PMH1,4l BIT 118kW FBU CHINA
0AM300058Pv5274PMH1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300058Pv5275PMH1,4l 103 125k China
0AM300058Pv5278PMH1,4l BIT 118kW MOT
0AM300058Pv5279PMH1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300058Pv5280PMH1,4l BIT 118kW MOT
0AM300058Pv5281PMH1,4l BIT 118kW MOT
0AM300058Pv5282PMH1,4l BIT 118kW MOT
0AM300058Qv3650PMJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Qv3651PMJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Qv4540PMJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Qv4541PMJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Qv4560PMJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Qv4561PMJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Qv5220PMJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Qv5270PMJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Qv5271PMJ1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300058Rv3650PMK1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv3651PMK1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv3652PMK1,6l 4V 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv4540PMK1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv4541PMK1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv4542PMK1,6l 4V 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv4560PMK1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv4561PMK1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv4562PMK1,6l 4V 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv5270PMK1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv5271PMK1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Rv5272PMK1,6l 4V 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Sv3650PML1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Sv4540PML1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Sv4560PML1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Sv5220PML1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Sv5270PML1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300058Tv5220PMM1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300058Tv3650PMM1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300058Tv4540PMM1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300058Tv4560PMM1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300058Tv5270PMM1,6l 75kW MPI EU
0AM300060v3650PMN1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300060v3651PMN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300060v4540PMN1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300060v4541PMN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300060v4560PMN1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300060v4561PMN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300060v5221PMN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300060v5270PMN1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300060v5271PMN1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300060Av3650PMP1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300060Av3651PMP1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300060Av3652PMP1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300060Av4540PMP1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300060Av4541PMP1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300060Av4542PMP1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300060Av4560PMP1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300060Av4561PMP1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300060Av4562PMP1,4l 4V BIT 132kW EU/China
0AM300060Av5223PMP1,4l 4V BIT 132/136kW EU/China
0AM300060Av5270PMP1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300060Av5271PMP1,4l 110kW BIT EU5
0AM300060Bv3650PMQ1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300060Bv4540PMQ1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300060Bv4560PMQ1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300060Bv5220PMQ1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300060Bv5270PMQ1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300060Cv4540PMR1,4l 4V 103kW ZAS
0AM300060Cv4560PMR1,4l 4V 103kW ZAS
0AM300060Cv5270PMR1,4l 4V 103kW ZAS
0AM300060Cv5271PMR1,4l 4V 103kW ZAS
0AM300060Dv3650PMS1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300060Dv3651PMS1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300060Dv3652PMS1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300060Dv3653PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv3654PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv3655PMS1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv3656PMS1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv3657PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4540PMS1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300060Dv4541PMS1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300060Dv4542PMS1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300060Dv4543PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4544PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4545PMS1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4546PMS1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4547PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4560PMS1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300060Dv4561PMS1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300060Dv4562PMS1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300060Dv4563PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4564PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4565PMS1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4566PMS1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4567PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv4568PMS1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300060Dv5220PMS1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300060Dv5222PMS1.2l 77kW TFSI BMT
0AM300060Dv5225PMS1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv5226PMS1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv5227PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv5270PMS1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300060Dv5271PMS1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300060Dv5273PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv5274PMS1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv5275PMS1,2l 63kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv5276PMS1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300060Dv5279PMS1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300060Ev3650PMT1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300060Ev4540PMT1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300060Ev4560PMT1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300060Ev5220PMT1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300060Ev5270PMT1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300060Fv3650PMU1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300060Fv3651PMU1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300060Fv4540PMU1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300060Fv4541PMU1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300060Fv4560PMU1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300060Fv4561PMU1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300060Fv5221PMU1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300060Fv5270PMU1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300060Gv3650PMV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300060Gv3651PMV1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300060Gv4540PMV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300060Gv4541PMV1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300060Gv4560PMV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300060Gv4561PMV1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300060Gv5270PMV1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300060Gv5271PMV1,2l 66kW TSI EU
0AM300060Hv3650PMW1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300060Hv4560PMW1,6l 77kW TDI CR
0AM300060Hv5270PMW1,6l 75kW TDI CR
0AM300060Jv4560PMX1,2l 77kW
0AM300060Jv5270PMX1,2l 77kW
0AM300060Tv4530PTD1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300060Tv4540PTD1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300060Tv4541PTD1,4l 96kW TSI China
0AM300061v4530PTG1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300061v4531PTG1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300061v4534PTG1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300061v4540PTG1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300061v4541PTG1,4l 90 96kW TFSI
0AM300061Av4530PTH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300061Av4532PTH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300061Av4534PTH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300061Av4540PTH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300061Av4542PTH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300061Av4543PTH1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300061Bv4530PTE1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300061Bv4531PTE1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300061Bv4540PTE1.4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300061Cv4533PTF1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300061Cv4540PTF1,4l 96kW TFSI
0AM300061Dv4533PTJ1,4l 96kW
0AM300061Dv4540PTJ1,4l 96kW
0AM300061Ev4540PTK1,4l BIT 110kW EA211
0AM300061Fv5113PVU1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300061Fv5116PVU1,4l BIT 118kW MOT
0AM300062Ev6201QGY1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300063Sv6202QPH1,4l 96kW
0AM300063Tv5201QQT1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300063Tv5202QQT1,4l BIT 118kW FBU CHINA
0AM300063Tv5203QQT1,4l 103 125k China
0AM300063Tv5204QQT1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300063Tv5205QQT1,4l BIT 118kW MOT
0AM300063Tv5206QQT1,4l BIT 118kW Ohne BMT
0AM300063Tv5207QQT1,4l 110kW CNG/1,4l 118KW
0AM300063Tv5208QQT1,4l 103 125kW BIT EU
0AM300064v5201QQU1,8l 118kW
0AM300064v5202QQU1,8l 118kW TFSI
0AM300064Av5201QQV1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300064Av5202QQV1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300064Av5203QQV1,6l 4V 77kW CR TDI
0AM300064Bv5201PVX,QQW1,6l 77kW CR TDI
0AM300064Cv5201QQX1,4l 63kW MPI EU
0AM300064Cv5202QQX1,6l 77kW MPI EU4
0AM300064Dv5201QQY1,4l 132kW TSI EU5
0AM300064Dv5203QQY1,4l 4V BIT 132/136kW EU/China
0AM300064Ev5201QQZ1,4l BIT 103 118kW RL Japan
0AM300064Fv5201QRA1,4l 4V 103kW ZAS
0AM300064Gv5201QRB1,4l 90kW TFSI EU
0AM300064Gv5202QRB1.2l 77kW TFSI
0AM300064Gv5203QRB1,2l 77kW TFSI EU
0AM300064Gv5204QRB1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300064Gv5205QRB1,4l 90 96kW
0AM300064Hv5201QRC1,4l 90kW TSI EU/CHINA
0AM300064Jv5202QRD1,6l 66kW TDI CR EU5
0AM300064Kv5201QRE1,2l 77kW TSI EU
0AM300064Kv5202QRE1,2l 66kW TSI EU
02E300011BLv1307JPZ3.2l 184kW VR6
02E300011BLv1315JPZ3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300011BNv1301JPY3.2l 184kW FSI
02E300011BNv1302JPY3.2l 184kW FSI
02E300011CCv1401 E3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300011CCv1403 E3,2l VR6 184 kW EU/Japan
02E300011CCv1405 E3.2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300011CCv1406 E3.2l 184kW VR6
02E300011CDv1401 F3.2l 184kW FSI
02E300011CEv1401KJL3,6l 220kW EU
02E300011CEv1402KJL3,6l 220kW EU
02E300011CJv1401KNK3.2l 184kW FSI EU/JP
02E300011CJv1402KNK3.2l 184kW FSI Japan s. EU/JP
02E300011CJv1440KNK3,2l 184kW FSi
02E300011CJv1441KNK3,2l 184kW FSI JP
02E300011CJv1460KNK3,2l 184kW FSi
02E300011CJv1461KNK3,2l 184kW FSI JP
02E300011CKv1406KNL3.2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300011CKv1407KNL3.2l 184kW VR6
02E300011CKv1408KNL3.2l VR6 184kW NAR
02E300011CKv1409KNL3.2l VR6 184kW
02E300011CKv1423KNL3,2l 184kW VR6
02E300011CKv1440KNL3,2l 184kW VR6
02E300011CKv1441KNL3,2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300011CKv1442KNL3,2l 184kW VR6
02E300011CKv1443KNL3,2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300011CKv1444KNL3,2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300011CKv1445KNL3,2l 184kW VR6
02E300011CKv1460KNL3,2l 184kW VR6
02E300011CKv1461KNL3,2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300011CKv1462KNL3,2l 184kW VR6
02E300011CKv1463KNL3,2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300011CKv1464KNL3,2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300011CKv1465KNL3,2l 184kW VR6
02E300011CKv1499KNL3.2l 184kW VR6
02E300011CLv1401KNM3,6l 220kW EU
02E300011CLv1402KNM3,6l 220kW EU
02E300011CLv1440KNM3,6l 220kW FSI
02E300011CLv1460KNM3,6l 220kW FSI
02E300011CSv1404LHQ3,6l 220kW EU
02E300011CSv1440LHQ3,6l 220kW FSI
02E300011CSv1460LHQ3,6l 220kW FSI
02E300011DAv1902LRE3.2l 184kW FSI EU/JP
02E300011DAv1981LRE3.2l 184kW FSI EU/JP
02E300011DBv1913LRF3.2l 184kW VR6
02E300011DBv1914LRF3.2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300011DBv1950LRF3.2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300011DBv1951LRF3,2l VR6 184 kW NAR
02E300011DBv1952LRF3.2l VR6 184kW NAR
02E300011DBv1961LRF3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300011DBv1966LRF3,2l VR6 184 kW EU/Japan
02E300011DBv1967LRF3.2l 184kW VR6
02E300011DCv1915LRG2.0l 155kW TFSI EU Allrad
02E300011DCv1947LRG2,0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro NAR
02E300011DCv1948LRG2.0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro NAR
02E300011DCv1969LRG2.0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro EU
02E300011DCv1970LRG2,0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro EU/Asien
02E300012v1502KRF2.0l TFSI 200kW TTS Quattro EU
02E300012Dv1805LHT3,6l 191kW EU 5+E
02E300012Ev1903LRH3.6l 220kW VR6 EU
02E300012Ev1982LRH3.6l 220kW VR6 EU
02E300012Fv1903 LRJ3.6l 220kW EU 5+E
02E300012Fv1906 LRJ3.6l 220kW EU 5+E
02E300012Fv1907 LRJ3,6l 191kW EU 5+E
02E300012Fv1955 LRJ3,6l 191kW EU 5+E
02E300012Fv1983 LRJ3.6l 220kW EU 5+E
02E300012Gv1906LRK2.0l TFSI 195/200kW Quattro
02E300012Gv1967LRK2.0l TFSI 200kW TTS Quattro EU
02E300012Gv1968LRK2.0l TFSI 200kW TTS Quattro NAR
02E300012Gv1971LRK2.0l TFSI 195/200kW Quattro
02E300012Hv2104LTT3.2l 184kW FSI EU/JP
02E300012Jv2113LTU3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300012Jv2114LTU3.2l VR6 184kW NAR
02E300012Jv2115LTU3.2l 184kW VR6
02E300012Jv2116LTU3.2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300012Jv2117LTU3,2l VR6 184 kW EU/Japan
02E300012Jv2118LTU3,2l VR6 184 kW NAR
02E300012Lv2105LTW3.6l 220kW VR6 EU
02E300012Kv2114LTV2,0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro EU/Asien
02E300012Mv2106LTX3,6l 191kW EU 5+E
02E300012Mv2107LTX3.6l 220kW EU 5+E
02E300012Nv2116LTY2.0l TFSI 200kW TTS Quattro EU
02E300012Nv2118LTY2.0l 188/195kW TFSI EA113 4Motion
02E300012Sv2210MME2.0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro NAR
02E300012Sv2211MME2.0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro EU
02E300012Sv2213MME2,0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro EU/Asien
02E300012Sv2214MME2,0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro NAR
02E300012Sv2242MME2.0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro NAR
02E300012Sv2243MME2.0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro EU
02E300012Sv2245MME2,0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro EU/Asien
02E300012Sv2246MME2,0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro NAR
02E300012Sv2244MME2.0l 155kW TFSI EU Allrad
02E300013v2201MMF2.0l TFSI 195/200kW Quattro
02E300013v2202MMF2.0l TFSI 200kW TTS Quattro EU
02E300013v2203MMF2.0l TFSI 200kW TTS Quattro NAR
02E300013v2204MMF2.0l 188/195kW TFSI EA113 4Motion
02E300013v2205MMF2.0l 188/195kW TFSI EA113 4Motion
02E300013v2246MMF2.0l TFSI 195/200kW Quattro
02E300013v2247MMF2.0l TFSI 200kW TTS Quattro EU
02E300013v2248MMF2.0l TFSI 200kW TTS Quattro NAR
02E300013v2249MMF2.0l 188/195kW TFSI EA113 4Motion
02E300013Cv2265MMG2,0l AVS 155kW Quattro EU
02E300013Dv2203MMH2.0l 125kW TDI CR DPF EU Allrad
02E300013Dv2265MMH2.0l 125kW TDI CR DPF EU Allrad
02E300013Ev2247MMJ2.0l 103kW TDI Allrad EU/CN/RUS
02E300013Nv2606MTX2.0l 188/195kW TFSI EA113 4Motion
02E300013Pv2741NCN1.8l 112kW/118kW TFSI Allrad EU/RUS/CN
02E300013Qv2733NJA2.0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro NAR
02E300013Qv2734NJA2.0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro EU
02E300013Qv2735NJA2,0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro EU/Asien
02E300013Qv2736NJA2,0l TFSI 147 kW Quattro NA
02E300013Rv2703NHZ3.6l 220kW VR6 EU
02E300013Rv2704NHZ3,6l 191kW EU 5+E
02E300013Sv2739NJE2.0l TFSI 195/200kW Quattro
02E300013Sv2740NJE2.0l TFSI 200kW TTS Quattro EU
02E300013Sv2741NJE2.0l TFSI 200kW TTS Quattro NAR
02E300013Sv2742NJE2.0l 188/195kW TFSI EA113 4Motion
02E300013Tv2743NJB2,0l AVS 155kW Quattro NAR
02E300013Tv2744NJB2,0l AVS 155kW Quattro EU
02E300014v2704NJD2.0l 125kW TDI CR DPF EU Allrad
02E300014v2711NJD2.0l 103kW TDI Allrad EU
02E300014Av2712NJC2.0l 103kW TDI Allrad EU/CN/RUS
02E300014Dv3120NMA2.0l TFSI 195/200kW Quattro
02E300014Qv3517PBS2.0l 155kW TFSI EU Allrad
02E300014Rv3505PBT3,6l 191kW EU 5+E
02E300015v3519PBW2.0l 103kW TDI Allrad EU/CN/RUS
02E300015v4323PBW2.0l 125kW TDI CR DPF EU Allrad
02E300015Av3519PBX2.0l 103kW TDI Allrad EU/CN/RUS
02E300015Av3522PBX2.0l 103kW TDI Allrad EU/CN/RUS
02E300015Bv4324PBY2.0l 125kW TDI CR Allrad EU
02E300015Cv3502PBZ1.8l 112kW/118kW TFSI Allrad EU/RUS/CN
02E300015Cv3520PBZ2.0l 155kW TSI Allrad EU
02E300015Ev3504PEP2.0l 130kW TDI CR Allrad EU
02E300016Dv4003PQS2.0l 125kW TDI CR DPF EU Allrad
02E300016Dv4012PQS2.0l 125kW TDI CR DPF EU Allrad
02E300016Dv4013PQS2.0l 125kW TDI CR DPF EU Allrad
02E300016Dv4014PQS2.0l 125kW TDI CR DPF Quattro EU
02E300016Ev4003PQT2.0l 103kW TDI Allrad EU/CN/RUS
02E300016Ev4004PQT2.0l 103kW TDI CR Allrad EU
02E300016Ev4005PQT2.0l 125kW TDI Allrad EU
02E300016Ev4006PQT2.0l 103kW TDI Allrad EU/CN/RUS
02E300016Fv4013PQU1.8l 112kW/118kW TFSI Allrad EU/RUS/CN
02E300016Gv4010PQV2.0l 130kW TDI CR DPF Allrad EU
02E300016Gv4324PQV2.0l 130kW TDI CR DPF Allrad EU
02E300016Gv4331PQT2.0l 130kW TDI CR DPF Allrad EU
02E300016Gv4338PQV2.0l 130kW TDI CR DPF Allrad EU
02E300016Gv4345PQV2.0l 130kW TDI CR DPF Allrad EU
02E300016Hv4012PQW2.0l 130kW TDI CR Allrad EU
02E300016Hv4325PQW2.0l 130kW TDI CR Allrad EU
02E300016Hv4332PQW2.0l 130kW TDI CR Allrad EU
02E300016Hv4339PQW2.0l 130kW TDI CR Allrad EU
02E300016Hv4346PQW2.0l 130kW TDI CR Allrad EU
02E300040Pv0300GYN2.0 TDI
02E300041v0814HJP2.0l/100 3 kW TDI EU4
02E300041v0823HJP2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300041Av0817HFQ2.0l/100 3 kW TDI EU4
02E300041Av0821HFQ2.0l 103kW CR TDI al
02E300041Av0822HFQ2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300041Cv0623GYN2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300041Ev0625GPQ2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300041Ev0699GPQ2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300041Fv0701GYQ1.9l 74/77kW TDI EU4
02E300041Gv0608GPV1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300041Gv0624GPV1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300041Hv0617GYS1.9l 74kW TDI
02E300041Kv0702HBP2.0l 103kW CR TDI
02E300041Nv0801HLE2.0l 103kW CR TDI
02E300041Nv0813HLE2.0l TDI 100/103 kW
02E300041Qv0803HLG, GYP, GPQ2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300041Qv0853HLG, GYP, GPQ2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300041Rv0805HLH,GYQ,GPW1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300041Rv0812GPV,GYR,HLH1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300041Rv0816GYQ,HLH,HQN,HXU1,9 TDI
02E300041Sv0806HQP, HXV1.9l 74kW TDI LEV
02E300042Fv0920HQL2.0l 103kW CR TDI al
02E300042Fv0921HQL2.0l 100 3 kW CR TDI
02E300042Fv0924HQL2.0l 100 3 kW TDI EU4
02E300042Fv0933HQL2.0l 90/100 3 kW
02E300042Fv0917HQL2.0l 103kW CR TDI al
02E300042Gv0918HQM,HJP2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300042Gv0923HQM,HJP2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300042Gv0929HQM, HJP2.0l 100 3 kW TDI EU4
02E300042Hv0906GPV,GYR,HLH1.9l 74/77kW TDI EU4
02E300042Hv0908GPV,GYR,HLH1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300042Hv0910GPV,GYR,HLH1.9l 77kW TDI EU4
02E300042Hv0911GPV1.9l 74/77kW TDI EU4
02E300042Kv0881HQQ,HXY,JPH1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300042Kv0937HQQ,HXY,JPH1.9l 77kW TDI DPF
02E300042Mv0824HRW2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300042Qv0928HUT,HRW2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300042Qv0935HUT2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300042Qv0996HUT2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300042Qv0925HUT2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300042Sv1101HXS2.0l 100 3 kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300042Sv1102HXS,HQL,HFQ2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300042Sv1117HLE,HBP,HFQ2.0l 100 3 kW TDI EU4
02E300042Sv1122HXS2.0l 100 3 kW TDI EU4
02E300042Sv1123HQL HXS
02E300042Sv1125HXS2.0l 100 3 kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300042Sv1127HQL,HXS2.0l 90/100 3 kW
02E300042Sv1129HXS2.0l 90/100 3 kW DPF
02E300042Sv1196HXS2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300042Tv0980GPQ,GYP,HJP,HLG2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300042Tv0981GPQ,GYP,HJP,HLG2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300042Tv1103GPQ,GYP,HJP,HLG2.0l 103kW TDI DPF
02E300042Tv1104GPQ,GYP,HJP,HLG2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300042Tv1118GPQ,GYP,HJP,HLG2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300042Tv1123GPQ,GYP,HJP,HLG2.0l 103kW TDI DPF
02E300042Tv1124GPQ GYP HJP HLG2.0l TDI 100/103 kW
02E300043v1106GYQ,HLH,HQN,HYU1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300043v1114HQN1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300043v1119HQN1.9l 77kW TDI DPF; TG0
02E300043v1120HQN1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300043v1124HQN1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300043v1126HYU,HQN, HXU1,9l 2V TDI 74kW NAR
02E300043v1129HYU,HQN1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300043v1172HQN1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300043Bv1120HYE3.2l VR6 184kW EU4 Japan
02E300043Bv1121HYE3.2l VR6 184kW NAR
02E300043Cv1110HXW2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300043Cv1111HXW2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300043Cv1121HXW2.0l TFSI 147 kW
02E300043Cv1122HXW2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300043Cv1124HXW2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300043Cv1127HXW2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300043Cv1136HXW2,0 tfsi
02E300043Cv1158HXW2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300043Cv1163HXW2.0l TFSI 147 kW
02E300043Dv1113HXY, HQQ1.9l/77kW TDI
02E300043Ev1125HYC2.0l 120kW/125kW TDI
02E300043Ev1152HYC2,0l 125kW TDI
02E300043Ev1153HYC2.0l TDI 125 kW
02E300043Ev1156HYC2.0l 120kW/125kW TDI
02E300043Fv1120HYD2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300043Fv1121HYD2.0l 147kW TFS
02E300043Gv1120JBT1.4l 103kW/125kW FSI BT EU4
02E300043Gv1121JBT1.4l 103kW/125kW FSI BT EU4
02E300043Gv1168JBT1.4l 103kW/125kW FSI BT EU4
02E300043Jv1188JEQ1.8l 110kW TFSI
02E300043Jv1199JEQ1.8 TFSI
02E300043Kv1302JPK2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300043Kv1316JPK2.0l 103kW TDI ohne DPF
02E300043Kv1384JPK2,0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300043Lv1301JPH1.9l 77kW TDI DPF
02E300043Mv1301JPJ2.0l TDI 100/103 kW
02E300043Mv1302JPJ2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300043Mv1303JPJ2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300043Mv1304JPJ2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300043Mv1314JPJ2.0l TDI 100/103 kW
02E300043Nv1301JPL1.9l TDI 77kW DPF
02E300043Nv1303JPL1.9l 77kW TDI DPF
02E300043Nv1304JPL1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300043Nv1305JPL1.9l 74/77kW TDI EU4 NAR
02E300043Nv1306JPL1.9l 77kW TDI
02E300043Pv1301HQP, HXV1.9l 74kW TDI LEV
02E300043QV1305JPP2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300043Qv1306JPP2.0l 147kW TFSI GLI NAR
02E300043Qv1307JPP2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300043Qv1308JPP2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300043Qv1311JPP2.0l 147kW TFSI / GTI/GLI
02E300043Qv1312JPP2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300043Qv1313JPP2.0l TFSI 147 kW NAR
02E300043Qv1414JPP2.0l TFSI 147kW
02E300043Rv1301JPR2.0l 147kW EU4
02E300043Rv1302HYD2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300043Sv1301JPQ2.0l TDI 125 kW
02E300043Sv1302JPQ2.0l 125kW TDI
02E300043Sv1303JPQ2,0l 125kW TDI
02E300043Tv1301JPN3.2l 184kW EU Japan
02E300043Tv1302JPN3.2l 184kW NAR
02E300044Av1301JPS1.4l 125kW FSI BT
02E300044Av1302JPS1.4l 103kW FSI BT
02E300044Dv1401KCV2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300044Dv1402KCV2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300044Dv1404KCV2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300044Dv1405KCV2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300044Ev1401KCT1.9l 77kW TDI DPF
02E300044Fv1401KCU2.0l TDI 100/103 kW
02E300044Fv1402KCU2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300044Fv1403KCU2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300044Fv1404KCU2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300044Fv1406KCU2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300044Fv1408KCU2.0l 103kW TDI
02E300044Gv1402KCW1.9l TDI 77 kW ohne DPF
02E300044Gv1403KCW1.9l 77kW TDI DPF
02E300044Gv1404KCW1.9l/77kW TDI o. DPF
02E300044Gv1405KCW1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300044Gv1498KCW1.9l TDI 77kW DPF
02E300044Jv1401KCZ2.0l TFSI 147 kW
02E300044Jv1405KCZ2.0l TFSI 147 kW
02E300044Jv1407KCZ2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300044Jv1408KCZ2.0l 147kW TFSI GLI NAR
02E300044Jv1410KCZ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300044Jv1411KCZ2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300044Jv1415KCZ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300044Jv1416KCZ2.0l 147kW TFSI / GTI/GLI NAR
02E300044Kv1401 B2.0l 147kW EU4
02E300044Kv1402 B2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300044Kv1403 B2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300044Lv1401 A2.0l TDI 125 kW
02E300044Lv1402 A2.0l 125kW TDI
02E300044Lv1403 A2,0l 125kW TDI
02E300044Lv1405 A2.0l 125kW TDI DPF EU
02E300044Mv1401KCY3.2l 184kW EU Japan
02E300044Mv1402KCY3.2l 184kW NAR
02E300044Mv1403KCY3.2l 184kW NAR
02E300044Nv1401 C1.4l 103kW FSI BT
02E300044Nv1402 C1.4l 125kW FSI BT
02E300044Pv1401 D1.8l TFSI 118kW s.o.
02E300044Tv1301KFV2.0l 169kW TFSI EU4
02E300046Dv0606GYC,HJZ3.2l 184kW VR6 EU4
02E300046Dv0632GYC,HJZ3.2l 184kW VR6 EU4
02E300046Ev05073.2l 177/184kW VR6 EU4
02E300046Ev06023.2l 177/184kW VR6 EU4
02E300046Fv0603GYU3.2l 184kW VR6 EU4
02E300046Fv0626GYU3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300046Fv0825GYU3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300046Fv0826GYU3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300046Fv0827GYU3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300046Kv0807HAH3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300047Fv1120HXZ3.2l 184kW VR6
02E300047Fv1121HXZ3.2l 184kW VR6 EU4
02E300047Fv1122HXZ3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300047Fv1164HXZ3.2l 184kW VR6
02E300047Fv1166HXZ3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300047Fv1103HXZ3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300047Hv0833HYB3.2l VR6 184 kW
02E300047Jv11203.2l 184kW FSI
02E300047Jv11753.2l 184kW FSI
02E300050 v1401KFW2.0l 169kW TFSI EU4
02E300050Cv1402KMW2.0l 125kW TDI DPF EU
02E300050Cv1403KMW2.0l 125kW TDI DPF EU
02E300050Cv1404KMW2.0l TDI 125kW
02E300050Cv1440KMW2,0l 125kW TDI
02E300050Cv1441KMW2,0l 125kW TDI
02E300050Cv1442KMW2,0l 125kW TDI
02E300050Cv1460KMW2,0l 125kW TDI
02E300050Cv1461KMW2,0l 125kW TDI
02E300050Dv1401KMX2.0l TDI 103kW DPF
02E300050Dv1402KMX2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300050Dv1403KMX2.0l 103kW TDI DPF EU
02E300050Dv1404KMX2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300050Dv1405KMX2,0l TDI CR 103kW NAR
02E300050Dv1407KMX2.0l TDI 103kW DPF
02E300050Dv1408KMX2.0l 103kW/105kW TDI CR
02E300050Dv1410KMX2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300050Dv1440KMX2,0l 103kW TDI
02E300050Dv1441KMX2,0l 103kW TDI CR
02E300050Dv1442KMX2,0l 103kW TDI
02E300050Dv1443KMX2,0l 103kW TDI CR DPF
02E300050Dv1444KMX2,0l 103kW TDI CR
02E300050Dv1445KMX2,0l 103kW TDI
02E300050Dv1446KMX2,0l 103kW TDI DPF
02E300050Dv1460KMX2,0l 103kW TDI
02E300050Dv1461KMX2,0l 103kW TDI CR
02E300050Dv1462KMX2,0l 103kW TDI
02E300050Dv1463KMX2,0l 103kW TDI CR DPF
02E300050Dv1464KMX2,0l 103kW TDI
02E300050Dv1465KMX2,0l 103kW TDI
02E300050Dv1466KMX2,0l 103kW TDI DPF
02E300050Dv1599KMX2.0l 103kW TDI DPF EU
02E300050Ev1401KMY2.0l 103kW TDI DPF
02E300050Ev1402KMY2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300050Ev1403KMY2.0l 103kW TDI DPF
02E300050Ev1404KMY2.0l 103kW TDI ohne DPF
02E300050Ev1405KMY2.0l 103kW TDI ohne DPF
02E300050Ev1441KMY2,0l 103kW TDI DPF
02E300050Ev1461KMY2,0l 103kW TDI DPF
02E300050Ev1498KMY2.0l 103kW TDI DPF
02E300050Fv1402KMZ1.9l TDI 77kW DPF
02E300050Fv1403KMZ1.9l 77kW TDI DPF
02E300050Fv1404KMZ1.9l 77kW TDI o. DPF
02E300050Fv1405KMZ1.9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
02E300050Fv1406KMZ1.9l 77kW DPF
02E300050Fv1440KMZ1,9l 77kW TDI ohne DPF
02E300050Fv1441KMZ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF
02E300050Fv1442KMZ1,9l 77kW DPF
02E300050Fv1443KMZ1,9l 77kW o.DPF
02E300050Fv1444KMZ1,9l 77kW
02E300050Fv1460KMZ1,9l 77kW TDI ohne DPF
02E300050Fv1461KMZ1,9l 77kW TDI DPF
02E300050Fv1462KMZ1,9l 77kW DPF
02E300050Fv1463KMZ1,9l 77kW o.DPF
02E300050Fv1464KMZ1,9l 77kW
02E300050Hv1401KNB2.0l 169kW TFSI EU
02E300050Hv1403KNB2.0l 169kW TFSI EU
02E300050Hv1440KNB2,0l 169kW TFSI
02E300050Hv1460KNB2,0l 169kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1402KNC2.0l TFSI 147 kW EU
02E300050Jv1407KNC2.0l/147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1408KNC2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1409KNC2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1410KNC2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1412KNC2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1413KNC2.0l 147kW TFSI GLI NAR
02E300050Jv1414KNC2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1415KNC2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1416KNC2.0l TFSI 147kW
02E300050Jv1417KNC2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1418KNC2.0l 147kW TFSI / GTI/GLI NAR
02E300050Jv1440KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1441KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1442KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1443KNC2,0l 147kW NAR
02E300050Jv1444KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1445KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1446KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1447KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1448KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1449KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1450KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1451KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1452KNC2,0l 147kW NAR
02E300050Jv1460KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1461KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1462KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1463KNC2,0l 147kW NAR
02E300050Jv1464KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1465KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1466KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1467KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1468KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1469KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Jv1470KNC2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Jv1472KNC2,0l 147kW NAR
02E300050Mv1401KNF1.4l 103kW FSI BT EU4
02E300050Mv1402KNF1.4l 125kW FSI BT EU4
02E300050Mv1404KNF1.4l 103kW FSI BT EU
02E300050Mv1405KNF1.4l 125kW FSI BT EU4
02E300050Mv1440KNF1,4l 103kW BIT
02E300050Mv1441KNF1,4l 125kW BIT
02E300050Mv1460KNF1,4l 103kW BIT
02E300050Mv1461KNF1,4l 125kW BIT
02E300050Nv1403KNG1.8l TFSI 118kW
02E300050Nv1440KNG1,8l 118kW TFSI
02E300050Nv1460KNG1,8l 118kW TFSI
02E300050Nv1402KNG1.8l TFSI 118kW s.o.
02E300050Pv1401KNH2.0l 147kW TFSI EA113 EU4
02E300050Pv1402KNH2.0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Pv1440KNH2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Pv1441KNH2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Pv1460KNH2,0l 147kW TFSI
02E300050Pv1461KNH2,0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300050Qv1401KNJ3.2l 184kW VR6 EU/Japan
02E300050Qv1402KNJ3.2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300050Qv1440KNJ3,2l 184kW VR6
02E300050Qv1441KNJ3,2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300050Qv1460KNJ3,2l 184kW VR6
02E300050Qv1461KNJ3,2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300050Tv1809KPS2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300050Tv1810KPS2.0l 125kW TDI DPF EU
02E300050Tv1812KPS2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300051v1818KQC2.0l 103kW/105kW TDI CR
02E300051v1811KQC2.0l 103 kW CR EU5
02E300051Av1596KPT2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300051Av1598KPT2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300051Av1701KPT2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300051Av1804KPT2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300051Av1805KPT2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300051Cv1802KPV2.0l TFSI 147 kW NAR
02E300051Cv1817KPV2.0l/147kW TFSI
02E300051Dv1803KPW1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300051Hv1802LBK2.0l 169kW TFSI EU
02E300051Kv2105LPW3,6l 191/206kW EU
02E300051Nv1903LRC1.4l 103kW FSI BT EU4
02E300051Nv1904LRC1.4l 125kW FSI BT EU4
02E300051Nv1950LRC1.4l 103kW FSI BT EU4
02E300051Nv1951LRC1.4l 125kW FSI BT EU4
02E300051Pv1905LQY2.0l 147kW TFSI EA113 EU4
02E300051Pv1906LQY2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300051Pv1907LQY2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300051Pv1908LQY2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300051Pv1914LQY2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300051Pv1940LQY2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300051Pv1941LQY2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300051Pv1974LQY2.0l 147kW TFSI EA113 EU4
02E300051Pv1975LQY2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300051Qv1903LRB3.2l 184kW VR6 EU/Japan
02E300051Qv1904LRB3.2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300051Qv1949LRB3.2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300051Qv1976LRB3.2l 184kW VR6 EU/Japan
02E300051Rv1911LQZ2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300051Rv1916LQZ2.0l 147kW TFSI GTI/GLI NAR
02E300051Rv1917LQZ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300051Rv1918LQZ2.0l/147kW TFSI
02E300051Rv1925LQZ 2.0l 155kW TFSI
02E300051Rv1926LQZ2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300051Rv1932LQZ2.0l 155kW TFSI
02E300051Rv1942LQZ2.0l 147kW TFSI / GTI/GLI NAR
02E300051Rv1943LQZ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300051Rv1945LQZ2.0l TFSI 147 kW NAR
02E300051Rv1946LQZ2,0 TFSI 147 kW NAR
02E300051Rv1947LQZ2.0l 155kW TFSI
02E300051Rv1959LQZ2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300051Rv1960LQZ2.0l/147kW TFSI
02E300051Rv1964LQZ2.0l TFSI 147 kW
02E300051Sv1908LQS1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300051Sv1909LQS1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 o. DPF
02E300051Sv1910LQS1.9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
02E300051Sv1957LQS1.9l TDI 77kW DPF
02E300051Sv1958LQS1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 o. DPF
02E300051Sv1959LQS1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300051Sv1960LQS1.9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
02E300051Tv1909LQT2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300051Tv1910LQT2.0l 125kW TDI DPF EU
02E300051Tv1911LQT2.0l 125kW TDI DPF EU
02E300051Tv1912LQT2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300051Tv1963LQT2.0l TDI 125 kW CR ohne
02E300051Tv1966LQT2.0l 125kW TDI DPF EU
02E300051Tv1967LQT2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300051Tv1979LQT2.0l 125kW TDI DPF EU
02E300051Tv1980LQT2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300052v1908LQV2.0l 103kW TDI PD EU
02E300052v1912LQV2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300052v1913LQV2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300052v1914LQV2.0l 103kW TDI CR NAR
02E300052v1915LQV2.0l 103kW TDI DPF EU
02E300052v1916LQV2.0l 103kW TDI CR EU
02E300052v1917LQV2.0l 103kW TDI PD EU
02E300052v1918LQV2.0l 103kW/105kW TDI CR
02E300052v1919LQV2.0l 81kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300052v1950LQV2.0l 81kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300052v1953LQV2.0l 103kW TDI CR NAR
02E300052v1956LQV2.0l 103 kW CR EU5
02E300052v1972LQV2.0l 103kW TDI DPF EU
02E300052v1973LQV2.0l 103kW TDI CR EU
02E300052v1974LQV2.0l 103kW TDI PD EU
02E300052v1976LQV2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300052v1977LQV2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300052v1978LQV2.0l 103kW/105kW TDI CR
02E300052v1979LQV2.0l 103kW/105kW TDI CR
02E300052Av1902LRA1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300052Av1961LRA1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300052Bv1901LQW2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300052Bv1905LQW2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300052Bv1907LQW2.0l 103kW TDI CR EU5 DPF
02E300052Bv1909LQW2.0l 103kW TDI ohne DPF
02E300052Bv1950LQW2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300052Bv1951LQW2.0l 103kW TDI CR EU5 DPF
02E300052Bv1952LQW2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300052Bv1953LQW2.0l 103kW TDI ohne DPF
02E300052Cv1902LRD2.0l 169kW TFSI EU
02E300052Cv1950LRD2.0l 169kW TFSI EU
02E300052Dv1904LQX1,8l 118kW TFSI EU4
02E300052Dv1954LQX1,8l 118kW TFSI EU4
02E300052Dv1958LQX1.8l TFSI 118kW s.o.
02E300052Gv2204MFL2.0l 103kW TDI CR
02E300052Gv2208MFL2.0l 103kW TDI CR EU
02E300052Gv2210MFL2.0l 103kW TDI CR NAR
02E300052Gv2211MFL2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300052Gv2224MFL2.0l 103kW TDI CR EU
02E300052Gv2225MFL2.0l 103kW TDI CR
02E300052Gv2226MFL2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300052Gv2267MFL2.0l 103kW TDI CR NAR
02E300052Hv2206MFM2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300052Hv2208MFM2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300052Hv2209MFM2.0l TDI 125 kW CR vereinh. neu
02E300052Hv2210MFM2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300052Hv2256MFM2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300052Hv2257MFM2.0l 125kW TDI DPF EU
02E300052Hv2258MFM2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300052Jv2266LTA2,0l 103kW TDI CR EU
02E300052Pv2261MFY2,0l 125kW TDI CR EU
02E300052Qv1903LRT1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300052Qv1962LRT1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300052Sv2108LTD2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300052Tv2102LTE2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300052Tv2113LTE2.0l 103kW/105kW TDI CR
02E300052Tv2115LTE2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300053v2105LTG2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300053v2107LTG2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 ohne DPF
02E300053Av2106LTK2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300053Av2107LTK2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300053Av2108LTK2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300053Bv2114LTL2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300053Cv2103LTJ1,8l 118kW TFSI EU4
02E300053Dv2103LTM1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300053Ev2105LTN3.2l 184kW VR6 EU/Japan
02E300053Ev2106LTN3.2l 184kW VR6 NAR
02E300053Hv2201MLW1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 o. DPF
02E300053Hv2202MLW1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300053Hv2204MLW1.9l TDI 77kW DPF
02E300053Hv2260MLW1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 o. DPF
02E300053Hv2261MLW1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300053Hv2262MLW1.9l 77kW TDI DPF EU
02E300053Lv2211MLX2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300053Lv2251MLX2.0l 103kW TDI CR EU5 DPF
02E300053Lv2253MLX2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300053Lv2254MLX2.0l 103kW TDI EU4 ohne DPF
02E300053Mv2201MLZ2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300053Mv2202MLZ2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300053Mv2203MLZ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300053Mv2204MLZ2.0l 155kW TFSI EU
02E300053Mv2209MLZ2.0l 147kW TFSI EA113 EU4
02E300053Mv2256MLZ 2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300053Mv2257MLZ2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300053Mv2258MLZ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300053Mv2259MLZ2.0l 155kW TFSI EU
02E300053Mv2260MLZ2.0l 147kW TFSI EA113 EU4
02E300053Mv2261MLZ 2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300053Nv2205MMA2,0 TFSI 147/155 kW NAR
02E300053Nv2206MMA2,0 TFSI 147/155 kW
02E300053Nv2207MMA2.0l 155kW TFSI
02E300053Nv2208MMA2.0l 147kW TFSI GTI/GLI NAR
02E300053Nv2209MMA2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300053Nv2235MMA2.0l 147kW TFSI GTI/GLI NAR
02E300053Nv2238MMA2.0l 155kW TFSI
02E300053Nv2239MMA2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300053Pv2201MLY1,8l 118kW TFSI EU4
02E300053Pv2226MLY1,8l 118kW TFSI EU4
02E300053Qv2201MMB1.9l 77kW TDI EU4 DPF
02E300053Rv2201MMD2.0l 173/188/195kW TFSI
02E300053Rv2202MMD2.0l 173/188/195kW TFSI
02E300053Rv2237MMD2.0l 173/188/195kW TFSI
02E300053Sv1950MHL3,6l 191/206kW EU
02E300054v2653MTA3,6l 206kW FSI NAR
02E300054Cv2806NRT2.0l 103kW TDI CR NAR
02E300054Jv2584MSV2,0l 103kW TDI CR o.
02E300054Jv2602MSV2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300054Jv2604MSV2,0l 103kW TDI CR o.
02E300054Jv2608MSV2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300054Lv2606MSY2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300054Mv2604MSX2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300054Mv2640MSX2,0l 4V 155kW EU
02E300054Mv2641MSX2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300054Pv2603MTC2.0l 173/188/195kW TFSI
02E300054Qv2602MSS2.0l 173/188/195kW TFSI
02E300054Rv2603MST2,0l 125kW TDI CR EU
02E300054Sv2701NJQ2,0l 103kW TDI CR E
02E300054Tv2702NJR2,0l 125kW TDI CR EU
02E300057v2701NJJ2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300057v2703NJJ2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300057v2797NJJ2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300057Av2705NJK2.0l 103kW TDI CR NAR
02E300057Av2706NJK2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300057Av2707NJK2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300057Av2708NJK2,0l 103kW TDI CR o.
02E300057Av2709NJK2.0l 81kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300057Av2710NJK2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300057Av2717NJK2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300057Av2699NJK2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300057Bv2728NJM2,0l 4V 155kW EU
02E300057Bv2729NJM2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300057Bv2730NJM2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300057Bv2731NJM2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300057Bv2732NJM2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300057Bv2733NJM2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300057Bv2734NJM2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300057Bv2742NJM2,0l 4V 155kW EU
02E300057Cv2724NJL2.0l 147kW TFSI GTI/GLI NAR
02E300057Cv2725NJL2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300057Cv2726NJL2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300057Cv2727NJL2.0l 155kW TFSI
02E300057Dv2705NJF1,4l 110kW BiT EU
02E300057Ev2706NJG2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300057Gv2712NJH3,6l 206kW FSI NAR
02E300057Hv2713NJW2,0l AVS 155kW Front EU
02E300057Jv2712NJP2.0l 173/188/195kW TFSI
02E300057Mv3102NLM2,0l 125kW TDI CR EU
02E300057Nv3096NLN 2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300057Nv3101NLN2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300057Nv3107NLN2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300057Nv3113NLN2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300057Pv3102NLP2.0l 103kW TDI CR NAR
02E300057Pv3103NLP2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300057Pv3128NLP2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300057P v3131NLP2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300057Rv3116NLR2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300057Sv3103NLS1,4l 110kW BiT EU
02E300057Tv3110NLT2.0l 173/188/195kW TFSI
02E300057Qv3109NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300057Qv3118NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300057Qv3120NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300057Qv3122NLQ2,0l 4V 155kW EU
02E300058Bv3109NLW3,6l 206kW FSI NAR
02E300058Ev2805NNU2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300058Fv4302NUV1,4l 103kW/110kW
02E300058Gv3528NVW2,0l 4V 155kW G3 EU
02E300058Hv3527NVX2.0l 155kW TFSI G3 EU
02E300058Jv3502PBC2,0l 103kW TDI CR EU
02E300058Kv3503PBD2,0l 125kW TDI CR EU
02E300058Lv3510PBE2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU
02E300058Mv3508PBF2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300058Mv3520PBF2,0l 103kW TDI CR o.
02E300058Mv3521PBF 2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300058Mv3524PBF2.0l 103kW TDI CR NAR
02E300058Mv3525PBF2.0l 81kW TDI CR EU
02E300058Mv3526PBF2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300058Mv3527PBF2.0l 103kW TDI CR
02E300058Mv3528PBF2.0l 103kW TDI CR NAR
02E300058Nv3506NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300058Nv3509NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300058Nv3510NLQ 2,0l 4V 155kW EU
02E300058Nv3514NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300058Nv3515NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300058Nv3519NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300058Nv3521NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300058Nv3522NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300058Nv3523NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300058Nv3524NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300058Nv3525NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI NAR
02E300058Nv3545NLQ2.0l 147kW TFSI EU
02E300058Nv3546NLQ2,0l 4V 155kW EU
02E300058Pv3514PBH2.0l 155kW TFSI
02E300058Pv3515PBH2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300058Pv3516PBH2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300058Qv3503PBJ1,4l 110kW BiT EU
02E300058Tv3515PBM2.0l 147kW TFSI EU/CN
02E300061Mv3509PBP3,6l 206kW FSI NAR
02E300061Rv3501PDY2.0l 130kW TDI CR EU5
02E300062Av4007PPX2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300062Av4321PPX2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300062Av4328PPX2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300062Av4335PPX2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300062Av4342PPX2.0l 125kW TDI CR EU5
02E300062Bv4014PPY2.0l 103kW CR EU5
02E300062Bv4018PPY2.0l 81kW TDI CR EU DPF
02E300062Bv4020PPY2.0l 103kW TDI CR NAR
02E300062Bv4021PPY2.0l 103kW TDI CR Indien
02E300062Bv4023PPY2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300062Bv4024PPY2,0l 103kW TDI CR o.
02E300062Bv4322PPY2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300062Bv4329PPY2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300062Bv4334PPY2.0l 103kW TDI CR Front EU
02E300062Bv4336PPY2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300062Bv4341PPY2.0l 103kW TDI CR Front EU
02E300062Bv4343PPY 2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300062Bv4344PPY 2,0l 103kW TDI CR m.
02E300062Cv4008PPZ2,0l 4V 155kW EU
02E300062Cv4018PPZ2,0l 4V 155kW EU
02E300062Dv4004PQA2.0l 155kW TFSI
02E300062Dv4005PQA2.0l 147kW TFSI CN
02E300062Fv4002PQC1,4l 118kW BiT EU
02E300062Fv4003PQC1,4l 118kW BiT EU
02E300062Fv4004PQC1,4l 118kW BiT EU
02E300062Fv4326PQC1,4l 118kW BiT EU
02E300062Fv4333PQC1,4l 118kW BiT EU
02E300062Fv4340PQC1,4l 118kW BiT EU
02E300062Fv4347PQC1,4l 118kW BiT EU
02E300062Fv4350PQC1,4l 118kW BiT EU
02E300062Hv4011PQE1,8l 118kW TFSI CN
02E300062Kv4004PQG3,6l 206kW FSI NAR
02E300062Nv4323PQK2.0l 130kW TDI CR EU5
02E300062Nv4330PQK2.0l 130kW TDI CR EU5
02E300062Nv4337PQK2.0l 130kW TDI CR EU5
02E300062Nv4344PQK2.0l 130kW TDI CR EU5
02E300062Pv4004PQL2,0l 4V 155kW G3 EU
02E300062Pv4006PQL2,0l 4V 155kW G3 NAR
02E300062Qv4009PQM2.0l 155kW TFSI G3 EU
02E300063Ev4302QZN2.0l 103kW TDI CR Front EU
01J 927 156 AE1756EVE2,0 96 KW
01J 927 156 AH1665EZN2,8 ACK,AMX 142KW
01J 927 156 BG1756FGC1,8 110KW
01J 927 156 CA1662FNX2,8 140KW
01J 927 156 CB1664FNW,GHQ2,4 121KW
01J 927 156 CE2042FSB3,0 162 KW
01J 927 156 CF2041FSH3,0 AVK 220PS
01J 927 156 CG2011FRW1,8 110KW
01J 927 156 CG 3011FRW1,8 110 KW
01J 927 156 CH2011FRX2,0 96KW
01J 927 156 CH3011FRX`2,0 96 KW
01J 927 156 CJ2042FRY2,4 120 KW , 125 KW
01J 927 156 CJ3031FRY2,4 120 KW , 125 KW
01J 927 156 CK2041FRZ2,8 L
01J 927 156 CL2043FSA3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
01J 927 156 CL3031FSA3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
01J 927 156 CM2203FSK, FZH1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
01J 927 156 CN 2202FSC2,5 114 KW
01J 927 156 CN2213FSC2,5 TDI 114 KW
01J 927 156 CP2011FSD1,8 AVJ 110 KW
01J 927 156 CQ2033FSE1,8 AMB 125 KW
01J 927 156 CR2011FSF2,0 96 KW
01J 927 156 CS2043FSG, FYU3,0 BBJ 218PS / ASN 220PS
01J 927 156 CS3031FSG, FYU3,0 BBJ 218PS / ASN 220PS
01J 927 156 CT 2042FSL2,5 114 KW
01J 927 156 CT 2201FSL2,5 114 KW
01J 927 156 CT2212FZF,FSL2,5 TDI AYM 114 KW
01J 927 156 DB2042FRC2,4 120 KW
01J 927 156 DB3031FRC, FYX2,4 AMM 163PS / BDV 170PS
01J 927 156 DD20412,4 121KW
01J 927 156 DD30312,4 121KW
01J 927 156 DE3022FWL1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
01J 927 156 DR 1670FNW2,4 l
01J 927 156 DS2011EVE2,0 96 KW
01J 927 156 EB1670FNX2,8 l
01J 927 156 ET3011GEB1,8 120 KW
01J 927 156 FA3022GEC2,5 TDI BFC 163PS
01J 927 156 FA3042GEC2,5 TDI BFC 163PS
01J 927 156 FD3031GGP3,0 162 KW
01J 927 156 FE3031GGR3,0 162 KW
01J 927 156 FF3011GGT1,8 AMB 125 KW
01J 927 156 FH3011GGS2,0 96 KW
01J 927 156 FK3022GHD2,5 TDI BFC 120 KW
01J 927 156 FK3042GHD2,5 TDI BFC 120 KW
01J 927 156 GN3040GJS2,5 120 KW
01J 927 156 JD1021DZN2,8 ACK,AMX 142KW
01J 927 156 K1664EZF2,4 121KW
4B0 910 1553220GHF3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
4B0 910 155 A3220GHJ2,8 L 5V China
4B0 910 155 B3220GHP2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B0 910 155 C3220GHQ1,9 TDI 96 KW
4B0 910 155 D3220GJT2,5 TDI BDG 120PS
4B0 910 155 E3220GHH3,0 162 KW
4B0 910 155 F3220GHM2,0 96KW
4B0 910 155 G3220GHK2,4 120KW, BDV 125 KW
4B0 910 155 H3220GHL2,4 121KW
4B0 910 155 J3220CHINA1,8 110KW
4B0 910 155 K3220GLY1,8 110KW
4B0 910 155 P3230GWM1.9 96 KW
4B0 910 155 Q3230GWY2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B0 910 155 T3230GWG2,4 125 KW
4B0 910 156 F3251HPM 2,5 96 KW
4B0 910 156 H3261HPL2,5 TDI
4B0 910 156 J3250HSN, GWD3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
4B0 910 156 J3261HSN, GWD3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
4B0 910 156 K3350HSP3,0 5V USA
4B0 910 156 K4550HSP3,0 5V USA
4B0 910 156 L3261JLF,HSQ, HPM2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B0 910 156 L3271JLF,HSQ, HPM2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B0 910 156 M3261HSR, JLG, HPL2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B0 910 156 M3271HSR, JLG, HPL2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B0 910 156 N3261HSS,JLH, HPN1,9 TDI 96 KW
4B0 910 156 N3271HSS,JLH, HPN1,9 TDI 96 KW
4B1 910 1553400FWL1,9 TDI 96 KW
4B1 910 1553410FWL1,9 TDI 96 KW
4B1 910 155 A3220GHQ1,9 TDI 96 KW
4B1 910 155 A3271GHQ1,9 TDI 96 KW
4B1 910 155 B3250GWM1,9 TDI 96 KW
4B1 910 155 B3271GWM1,9 TDI 96 KW
4B1 910 155 D2300FSC2,5 TDI 114 KW
4B1 910 155 D2310FSC2,5 TDI 114 KW
4B1 910 155 E3040GHD2,5 TDI BFC 120 KW
4B1 910 155 E3400GHD2,5 TDI BFC 120 KW
4B1 910 155 E3410GHD2,5 TDI BFC 120 KW
4B1 910 155 F3261GHP2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B1 910 155 F3271GHP2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B1 910 155 G3261GWL2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B1 910 155 G3271GWL2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B1 910 155 J3400GJS2,5 120 KW
4B1 910 155 J3410GJS2,5 120 KW
4B1 910 155 K3261GJT2,5 TDI BDG 120PS
4B1 910 155 K3271GJT2,5 TDI BDG 120PS
4B1 910 155 L3250GWY2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B1 910 155 L3261GWY2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B1 910 155 L3271GWY2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B1 910 155 N3030FSA, JBX3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
4B1 910 155 N3400FSA, JBX3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
4B1 910 155 Q3220GHF3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
4B1 910 155 Q3261GHF3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
4B1 910 155 S2040FSB3,0 162 KW
4B1 910 155 S3400FSB3,0 162 KW
4B1 910 155 T3030GGP3,0 162 KW
4B1 910 155 T3400GGP3,0 162 KW
4B1 910 1563220GHH3,0 162 KW
4B1 910 1563261GHH3,0 162 KW
4B1 910 156 B1020DZN2,8 ACK,AMX 142KW
4B1 910 156 C3400JKY1,9 PD 96 KW
4B1 910 156 C3410JKY1,9 PD 96 KW
4B1 910 156 D3400JLJ2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B1 910 156 D3410JLJ2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B1 910 156 E2300JKV2,5 TDI 114 KW
4B1 910 156 E2310JKV2,5 TDI 114 KW
4B1 910 156 F3400JLK2,5 TDI 120 KW
4B1 910 156 F3410JLK2,5 TDI 120 KW
4E0 910 155 M0020GXU3,0 160 KW
4E0 910 155 N0010HJA3,2 FSI 191 KW
4E0 910 155 Q0010JSP, HJA3,2 FSI 191 KW
4E0 910 156 P0020HCQ3,0 MPI 162 KW
4E1 910 1550010HRZ, GXU3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
4E1 910 1550020HRZ, GXU3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
4E1 910 155 B0010HVA3,0 160 KW
4E1 910 155 C0010HVA3,0 MPI 160 KW
4E1 910 155 F0040KRV2,8 l 154 KW China
4E2 910 1550020JBY, HCQ3,0 160 KW, 162 KW
4E2 910 1550030JBY3,0 162 KW
4F0 910 155 M0040GAC2,4 130 KW
4F0 910 157 J0020HJE,JFK2,0 TFSI 125KW
4F0 910 157 K0020HHY3,2 FSI 188 KW
4F0 910 157 M0010HKB2,8 154 KW
4F1 910 1550040HHA3,0 160 KW
4F1 910 155 B0010HRX2,4 130 KW
4F1 910 155 C0020HRY, HHA3,0 160 KW
4F1 910 155 D0020JEY,HSV3,2 FSI 188 KW
4F1 910 155 D0040JEY,HSV3,2 FSI 188 KW
4F1 910 155 E0020JFG,HSW3,0 160 KW
4F1 910 155 F0040HSX,JFH2,4 130KW
4F1 910 155 G0020JFJ,HSY2,4 130KW
4F1 910 155 H0030HSZ,JFL2,0 103 KW
4F1 910 155 H0040HSZ,JFL2,0 103 KW
4F1 910 155 P0010JAV2,4 130 KW
4F1 910 155 Q0010JAW2,4 130 KW
4F2 910 1550040HTH2,7 TDI 132 KW
4F2 910 155 A0020JQD3,2 FSI 188 KW
4F2 910 155 D0030JQG2,7 TDI 120 KW, 132 KW
4F2 910 155 G0020JQK2,0 125 KW
4F2 910 155 H0020JZB2,0 125 KW
4F2 910 155 J0010JWB2,0 125 KW
4F2 910 155 K0010JZB3,2 FSI 188 KW
4F2 910 155 K0020JZB3,2 FSI 188 KW
4F2 910 155 L0020HHZ, JFF, JZC 3,2 FSI 188 KW
4F2 910 155 L0020HHZ, JFF, JZC 3,2 FSI 188 KW
4F2 910 155 M0010JFG,HSW3,0 160 KW
4F2 910 155 M0010JFG,HSW3,0 160 KW
4F2 910 155 N0050JZE, HTH2,7 TDI 132 KW
4F2 910 155 P0010JZF2,4 130 KW
4F2 910 155 Q0010JZG2,4 130 KW
4F2 910 155 R0020JZH2,0 125 KW
4F2 910 155 S0010JZJ2,0 103 KW
4F2 910 155 S0020JZJ2,0 103 KW
4F5 910 155 N0040KSV3,2 FSI 188 KW
4F5 910 155 P0030KSW3,2 188 KW
4F5 910 155 Q0040KSX2,8 154 KW
4F5 910 155 R0030KSY2.7 120 KW
4F5 910 155 R0040KSY2,7 TDI 120 KW, 132 KW
4F5 910 155 S0030KSZ2,4 130 KW
4F5 910 155 T0030KTA2,4 130 KW
4F5 910 156 S0020KYN2,4 130KW
4F5 910 157 F0010LDQ2,0 100KW
4F5 910 157 H0020LDU2,7 TDI 120 KW, 140 KW
4F5 910 157 H0040LDU2,7 TDI 120 KW, 140 KW
4F5 910 157 K00102,0 TFSI
4F9 910 1550030KTB2,0 125 KW
4F9 910 155 A 0030KTC2,0 125 KW
4F9 910 155 B0020KTD2,0 TDI BRE 103 KW
4F9 910 155 B0030KTD2,0 TDI BRE 103 KW
4F9 910 155 D0030LDV2,0 120 KW, 125 KW
8E0 910 1553220GHR3,0 BBJ 218PS / ASN 220PS
8E0 910 155 A 3120GHY2,5 120 KW
8E0 910 155 A3220GHY2,5 TDI BCZ 163PS
8E0 910 155 B3220GHZ2,5 TDI BDG 163PS
8E0 910 155 C 3120GJA1.9 96 KW
8E0 910 155 C3220GJA1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E0 910 155 D3220GHS3,0 162 KW
8E0 910 155 E3220GHV2,0 131PS
8E0 910 155 F3220GHX, GZE1,8 125 KW
8E0 910 155 G3220GHU2,0 AWA 150PS FSI 110 KW
8E0 910 155 J3220GHT2,4 AMM 163PS / BDV 170PS
8E0 910 155 K3220GHW, GZF1,8 BFB 163PS / 5VT 120 KW
8E0 910 155 M3251GWN3,0 160 KW
8E0 910 155 N3251GWV2,5 120 KW
8E0 910 155 P3251GWW2,5 120 KW
8E0 910 155 Q3251GWX1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E0 910 155 S3251HAY,GWS2,0 96 KW
8E0 910 155 T3331GWU,HCP1,8 125 KW
8E0 910 156 H3251GWR2,0 110 KW
8E0 910 156 K3251GWQ2,4 125 KW
8E0 910 156 L 3230HBD1,8 120 KW
8E0 910 156 L3251HBD1,8 BFB 163PS / 5VT 120 KW
8E0 910 156 P3220GZL,GNS1,8 BEX 190PS
8E0 910 156 Q3251GZM1,8 140 KW
8E0 910 157 G3251HBC2,0 131PS
8E0 910 157 H0050GYJ2,0 TDI BLB 103KW
8E0 910 157 H0060GYJ2,0 TDI BLB 103KW
8E0 910 157 J3220HBE, HBG1,8 120 KW
8E0 910 157 L3251HBN,HBF1,8 120 KW
8E0 910 157 T0010HDX2,0 FSI
8E0 910 1590020HDZ,HDY2,0 96 KW
8E0 910 159 A0010HEB2,0 96 KW
8E0 910 159 B0020HED1,8 120 KW
8E0 910 159 C0010HEF1,8 5VT 120 KW
8E0 910 159 E0010HEJ2,5 TDI 120 KW
8E0 910 159 F0030HEK2,5 TDI BDG 120 KW
8E1 910 1550040HHD2,0 147 KW
8E1 910 155 A0010HHE2,0 147 KW
8E1 910 155 B0020HJB3,2 188 KW
8E1 910 155 D0020HHB3,0 160 KW
8E1 910 155 F0030HHF2,0 2V TDI Partikelfilter
8E1 910 155 F0040HHF2,0 2V TDI Partikelfilter
8E1 910 155 L3251HPQ2,5 120 KW
8E1 910 155 M3251HPR2,5 120 KW
8E1 910 155 N3250HPP1,9 96 KW
8E1 910 155 N3251HPP1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E1 910 155 P3250GHR, GWN, HSA3,0 BBJ 218PS / ASN 220PS
8E1 910 155 P3261GHR, GWN, HSA3,0 BBJ 218PS / ASN 220PS
8E1 910 155 Q3350GWP3,0 162 KW
8E1 910 155 Q4550GWP3,0 162 KW
8E1 910 155 S3261HSJ, HPR, JLC2,5 TDI BDG 163PS
8E1 910 155 S3271HSJ, HPR, JLC2,5 TDI BDG 163PS
8E1 910 155 T3261HSH, HPQ, JLD2,5 TDI BCZ 163PS
8E1 910 155 T3271HSH, HPQ, JLD2,5 TDI BCZ 163PS
8E2 910 155 A3400FSK, FZH1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 155 A3410FSK, FZH1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 155 B 3220GJA1.9 96 KW
8E2 910 155 B 3261GJA1.9 96 KW
8E2 910 155 B3271GJA1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 155 C3250GWX1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 155 C3261GWX1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 155 C3271GWX1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 155 D3261JLE, HPP1,9 TDI AVF 131PS
8E2 910 155 D3271JLE, HPP1,9 TDI AVF 131PS
8E2 910 155 E2300FZF,FSL2,5 TDI AYM 114 KW
8E2 910 155 E2310FZF,FSL2,5 TDI AYM 114 KW
8E2 910 155 F3400GEC2,5 TDI BFC 163PS
8E2 910 155 F3410GEC2,5 TDI BFC 163PS
8E2 910 155 G3220GHY2,5 TDI BCZ 163PS
8E2 910 155 G3261GHY2,5 TDI BCZ 163PS
8E2 910 155 G3271GHY2,5 TDI BCZ 163PS
8E2 910 155 H3261GWV2,5 TDI BCZ 163PS
8E2 910 155 H3271GWV2,5 TDI BCZ 163PS
8E2 910 155 K3220GHZ2,5 TDI BDG 163PS
8E2 910 155 K3271GHZ2,5 TDI BDG 163PS
8E2 910 155 L3261GWW2,5 TDI BDG 163PS
8E2 910 155 L3271GWW2,5 TDI BDG 163PS
8E2 910 155 P3030JBZ FSG, FYU3,0 BBJ 218PS / ASN 220PS
8E2 910 155 P3400JBZ FSG, FYU3,0 BBJ 218PS / ASN 220PS
8E2 910 155 Q32203,0 162 KW
8E2 910 155 Q32613,0 162 KW
8E2 910 155 S3030GGR3,0 162 KW
8E2 910 155 S3400GGR3,0 162 KW
8E2 910 155 T2040FSH3,0 AVK 220PS
8E2 910 155 T3400FSH3,0 AVK 220PS
8E2 910 1563220GHS3,0 162 KW
8E2 910 1563261GHS3,0 162 KW
8E2 910 156 B3220GJA1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 156 C3250GWX1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 156 D3250HPP1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 156 E3020FSK1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 156 F3220GJA1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 156 G3250GWX1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E2 910 156 H3250JLE, HPP1,9 TDI AVF 131PS
8E2 910 156 J3020FSK, FZH1,9 TDI AVF 96 KW
8E3 910 155 E4500HYF1,8 125 KW
8E3 910 155 F0040JBB2,7 TDI 120 KW, 132 KW
8E3 910 155 G3400JKZ2,5 TDI 114 KW
8E3 910 155 H3400JKW1,9 PD 96 KW
8E3 910 155 H3410JKW1,9 PD 96 KW
8E3 910 155 J2300JKX2,5 TDI 114 KW
8E3 910 155 J2310JKX2,5 TDI 114 KW
8E3 910 155 L0020HJC3,2 FSI 188 KW
8E3 910 155 N0010JYA2,0 125 KW
8E3 910 155 P0010JZK3,2 FSI 188 KW
8E3 910 155 Q0010JZM2,0 TFSI 147 KW
8E3 910 155 R0010JZN2,0 96 KW
8E3 910 155 S0010JZP2,0 96 KW
8E3 910 155 T0010JZQ1,8 5VT 120 KW
8E4 910 1550010JZR1,8 BKB 120 KW
8E4 910 155 A0010JZT2,0 TDI 89, 100, 103 KW
8E4 910 155 B0010JZU2,0 2V TDI Partikelfilter
8E4 910 155 B0020JZU2,0 2V TDI Partikelfilter
8E4 910 156 B0010KYK2,0 100 KW
8E4 910 156 L0020LDT2,7 132 KW
8E4 910 156 M0010MHJ2,0 147 KW
8E4 910 156 N0010NDJ2,0 105 KW
8E5 910 1550010KTJ2,0 147 KW
8E5 910 155 G0020KTR2,7 120 KW
8E5 910 155 H 0010KTS2,0 100 KW
8E5 910 155 H0020KTS2,0 103 KW
8E5 910 155 J0020KTT2,0 103 KW
8E5 910 155 J0040KTT2,0 103 KW
09E927760 A08026.0L
09E927760 A10016.0L
09E927760 C19036.0L
09E927760 D19046.0L
09E927760 G19056.0L
09F927760C1901 AJS 5,0 V10 TDI
09L927760 D17013,2L VR6
09L927760 D17023.2L VR6
09L927760 E1901V6 TDI
09L927760 F19014.2L V8
09L927760 F19024.2L V8
09L927760 G19024.2L V8
09L927760 G19034.2L V8
09L927760 G19054.2L V8
09L927760B1005BGH 4,2 V8
09L927760D1704 BLK, BKR 3,2 VR6
09L927760E2201 BMK 3,0 TDI
09L927760F1904 BGH 4,2 V8
4E0910156C0020GXL6,0 MPI
4E0910156C0030GXL6,0 MPI
4E0910156C0050GXL6,0 MPI
4E0910156D0090GQE3,7 MPI
4E0910156D0100GQE3,7 MPI
4E0910156E0110GQF4,2 MPI
4E0910156E0120GQF4,2 MPI
4E0910156F0070GZV3,0 TDI
4E0910156F0100GZV3,0 TDI
4E0910156F0080GZV3.0 TDI
4E0910156F0090GZV3.0 TDI
4E0910156J0010GZA4,0 TDI
4E0910156J0040GZA4,0 TDI
4E0910156J0030GZA4,0 TDI
4E0910156N0020HCA4,0 TDI
4E0910156Q0030HCU3,7 MPI
4E0910156Q0040HCU3,7 MPI
4E0910156S0020HHV4,2 MPI
4E0910156S0030HHV4,2 MPI
4E0910156T0090GUN6,0 MPI
4E1910156A0110HKL, HYT3,0 TDI
4E1910156A0120HKL, HYT3,0 TDI
4E1910156B0100HKX, HKU3,2
4E1910156E0100HKT, HZA4,2 MPI
4E1910156E0110HKT, HZA4,2 MPI
4E1910156G0110HKV, JBU6,0 MPI
4E1910156G0120HKV, JBU6,0 MPI
4E1910156H0100HKW, JBV6,0 MPI
4E1910156H0110HKW, JBV6,0 MPI
4E1910156J0060HLM6,0 MPI
4E1910156K0020HPK, JLM5,2 FSI
4E1910156K0040HPK, JLM5,2 FSI
4E1910156K0060HPK, JLM5,2 FSI
4E1910156K0070HPK, JLM5,2 FSI
4E1910156L0030HPY4,0 TDI
4E1910156L0020HPY4,0 TDI
4E1910156N0030JAY3,0 TDI
4E1910156P0050JEF4,2 TDI
4E1910156R0020JNM3,2 FSI
4E2910156C0030KLW, KZK5,2 FSI
4E2910156C0040KLW, KZK5,2 FSI
4F09101560070GUT4,2 MPI
4F0910156H0080GZW3,0 TDI
4F0910156H0100GZW3,0 TDI
4F0910156H0110GZW3,0 TDI
4F0910157E0090HAV3,2 FSI
4F0910157E0060HAV3,2 FSI
4F0910157E0070HAV3,2 FSI
4F19101560040HFM3,0 MPI
4F19101560050HFM3,0 MPI
4F19101560020HFM3,0 V6
4F1910156A0030HST2,7 TDI
4F1910156B0040HKG, HYP3,0 TDI
4F1910156B0050HKG, HYP3,0 TDI
4F1910156B0030HGK, HYP3,0 TDI
4F1910156C0040HKH, HYQ3,0 V6
4F1910156C0010HKH, HYQ3,0 V6
4F1910156D0040HKJ3,2 FSI
4F1910156D0070HKJ3,2 FSI
4F1910156D0020HKJ3,2 FSI
4F1910156E0030HKK4,2 MPI
4F1910156E0010HKK4,2 5V
4F1910156G0070HLL4,2 MPI
4F1910156H0020HAK, HLK3,2 FSI
4F1910156H0060HAK, HLK3,2 FSI
4F1910156H0080HAK, HLK3,2 FSI
4F1910156J0020JKK2,8 FSI
4F1910156K0040KKT3,0 TFSI
4F1910156P0030HWD3,2 FSI
4F1910156P0050HWD3,2 FSI
4F1910156Q0040HWE, HYS4,2 MPI
4F1910156R0050HXM, HYN2,7 TDI
4F1910156R0060HXM, HYN2,7 TDI
4F1910156S0020HXN3,0 TDI
4F1910156S0030HXN3,0 TDI
4F1910156T0030HZQ2,7 TDI
4F29101560020HZR3,0 TDI
4F2910156D0020JER, HYR3,2 FSI
4F2910156D0030JER, HYR3,2 FSI
4F2910156F0050JML3,0 TDI
4F2910156G0020JMM3,2 FSI
4F2910156M0020JMS5,2 FSI
4F2910156M0050JMS5,2 FSI
4F2910156M0070JMS5,2 FSI
4F2910156Q0040KJC3,0 TDI
4F2910156Q0060KJC3,0 TDI
4F2910156Q0070KJC3,0 TDI
4F2910156R0030KJD3,0 TDI
4F2910156R0040KJD3,0 TDI
4F2910156R0050KJD3,0 TDI
4F2910156S0040KGW2,7 TDI
4F2910156T0050KGX3,0 TDI
4F5910156F0030KHD, JLL5,2 FSI
4F5910156P0020KZQ, KZH
4F5910156P0050KZQ, KZH
4L0910156A0050JTU3,6 FSI
4L0910156C0020KHV3,6 FSI
8E0910156M0060HLB4,2 MPI
8E0910156M0040HLB4,2 5V
8E0910156R0060HYM4,2 MPI
8E19101560080GCX3,0 TDI
8E19101560020GCX3,0 TDI
8E19101560030GCX3,0 TDI
8E19101560050GCX3,0 TDI
8E1910156A0070HHL2,0 TFSI
8E1910156A0080HHL2,0 TFSI
8E1910156A0090HHL2,0 TFSI
8E1910156A0110HHL2,0 TFSI
8E1910156A0010HHL2,0 TFSI
8E1910156A0020HHL2,0 TFSI
8E1910156A0030HHL2,0 TFSI
8E1910156B0040HHM3,2 FSI
8E1910156B0050HHM3,2 FSI
8E1910156B0080HHM3,2 FSI
8E1910156B0010HHM3,2 FSI
8E1910156B0020HHM3,2 FSI
8E1910156B0030HHM3,2 FSI
8E1910156C0040HKC, JJE2,0 TFSI
8E1910156C0060HKC, JJE2,0 TFSI
8E1910156C0090HKC, JJE2,0 TFSI
8E1910156D0020H , HYJ3,0 TDI
8E1910156D0030H , HYJ3,0 TDI
8E1910156E0040HKE, HYK3,2 FSI
8E1910156F0030HKF, HYL4,2 MPI
8E1910156H0060JAX3,0 TDI
8E1910156H0070JAX3,0 TDI
8E1910156H0110JAX3,0 TDI
8E1910156K0030JFN, HYH2,0 TFSI
8E1910156K0040JFN, HYH2,0 TFSI
8E1910156K0050JFN, HYH2,0 TFSI
8E1910156L0010JNX3,2 FSI
8E1910156M0030JTR4,2 MPI
09D9277500594BAC2.5l 5cyl Diesel EU3
09D927750A0584AZZ, BKJ3.2l 6cyl Benz EU4
09D927750AH0590AYH5.0l 10cyl Diesel EU3
09D927750AN0589BKW,BLE5.0l 10cyl Diesel Tier1, Tier2
09D927750AQ0903AXQ4.2l 8cyl Benz , Tier1
09D927750BA0892BAA, BMX3.2l 6cyl Benz
09D927750BB0588BKW,BLE5.0l 10cyl Diesel Tier1, Tier2
09D927750BC0585AZZ, BKJ3.2l 6cyl Benz EU4
09D927750BD0582BAA3.2l 6cyl Benz
09D927750BE0595BAC, BLK2.5l 5cyl Diesel EU3
09D927750BF0576AXQ4.2l 8cyl Benz EU4
09D927750BG0579AXQ4.2l 8cyl Benz EU4
09D927750BH0591AYH5.0l 10cyl Diesel EU3
09D927750BM0592AYH5.0l 10cyl Diesel EU3
09D927750BN0586BMV, BRJ3.2l 6cyl Benz EU4
09D927750BP0596BAC, BLK2.5l 5cyl Diesel EU3
09D927750BQ0577AXQ4.2l 8cyl Benz EU4
09D927750CL1096BPE. BPD2.5l 5cyl TDI
09D927750CP1273BHK, BHL3,6l 6cyl Benz,
09D927750CQ1272BHK3,6l 6cyl Benz, EU4
09D927750D0878BKS3.0l 6cyl Diesel
09D927750DS0893BMX3.2l 6cyl Benz
09D927750E0593AYH5.0l 10cyl Diesel EU3
09D927750EA0899AXQ4.2l 8cyl Benz , Tier1
09D927750EB0879BKS3.0l TDI EU4, DPF
09D927750EE1094BPD, BPE2.5l 5cyl TDI EU4, DPF
09D927750FF1274BHK, BHL3,6l 6cyl Benz,
09D927750FT1168CASA3,0 6cyl TDI
09D927750GJ1095BPD, BPE2.5l 5cyl TDI EU4, DPF
09D927750HC1596BLE, CBWA4.9l, 5.0l TDI R50
09D927750J0575AXQ4.2l 8cyl Benz EU4
09D927750JE1895CCMA3.0l 6cyl Diesel
09D927750JJ1167BTR4.2l 8cyl Diesel
09D927750JK1677CASA3,0 6cyl TDI EU4, DPF
09D927750JK1844CASA3,0 6cyl TDI EU4, DPF
09D927750KC1990CASA3.0l 6cyl Diesel
09D927750K0581BAA3.2l 6cyl Benz ,
09D927750L0587BKW5.0l 10cyl Diesel Tier1,
09D927750N0578AXQ4.2l 8cyl Benz
09G927750AA0717BAG1.6l 85kW FSI
09G927750AD0722BGD2.0l 4cyl Benz U
09G927750AJ1201BLV3.6l 206kW
09G927750AS1205BGP, BGQ2.5l 5cyl Benz
09G927750BD0852BSE, BSF1.6l 75kW, Benz
09G927750BE0851BLF1.6l 85kW, FSI
09G927750BF0479BGU1.6l Benz
09G927750BQ0718AXW2.0l 110kW FSI
09G927750BS0720AXW2.0l 110kW FSI
09G927750CF0716BGU1.6l Benz
09G927750CJ0936BPY2.0l 147kW, 4cyl Benz
09G927750CJ1135BPY2.0l 147kW, 4cyl Benz
09G927750CM0846BLF1.6l 85kW, FSI
09G927750CS0847BLR, BLY, BVY, BVZ2.0l 110kW FSI
09G927750DL0845BLP, BLF1.6l 85kW, FSI
09G927750EM0850BLR, BLY, BVY, BVZ2.0l 110kW FSI
09G927750ET0842BGU1.6l Benz
09G927750ET1216Diverse1.6l 4cyl 75kW
09G927750FA0843BLP, BLF1,6 Benz
09G927750FB0844BLX, BLY, BLR2.0l Benz EU4
09G927750FD1124CBAB,CBAA,CLJA2,0l Diesel 100/103 kW
09G927750FD2187CBAB,CBAA,CLJA2,0l Diesel 100/103 kW
09G927750FE1294CAWA2,0l FSI, TSI 125kW
09G927750FE1669CAWA2,0l FSI, TSI 125kW
09G927750FE1701CAWA2.0l 125kW FSI, TSI
09G927750FF1700CAWB2.0l 147kW FSI
09G927750FP1199BPY2.0l 147kW, 4cyl Benz
09G927750FR1200BLV3.6l 206kW
09G927750GG1702CCTA2.0l 147kW FSI
09G927750H0719BAG1.6l 85kW FSI
09G927750HF1128BUD1.4l 59kW
09G927750HJ1068BPY2.0l 147kW, 4cyl Benz
09G927750HK1091BLV3.6l 206kW FSI
09G927750HK1271BLV3.6l 206kW FSI
09G927750 2148
09G927750KF1211CBPA, BER, BHP2.0l 85kW, MPI
09G927750KM1703CCTA2.0l 147kW FSI
09G927750KN1704CCTA2.0l 147kW FSI
09G927750M0721AZJ2.0l 4cyl Benz EU4
09G927750P0723AWV1.8l 4cyl Benz
09G927750T0937BWA2.0l 147kW, 4cyl FSI
09G927750T1209BWA2.0l 147kW, 4cyl FSI
09K9277500566BDL, BKK3.2l VR6 173kW
09K927750B1259AXD2.5l 5cyl 96kW PD
09K927750C1262AXE, BLJ2.5l 5cyl 128kW PD
09K927750D0571BDL, BKK3.2l VR6 173kW
09K927750E1258AXD2.5l 5cyl 96kW PD
09K927750F1261AXE, BLJ2.5l 5cyl 128kW PD
09K927750H1257AXD2.5l 5cyl 96kW PD
09K927750J1260AXE, BLJ2.5l 5cyl 128kW PD
09K927750K1290AXD, BNZ2.5l 5cyl 96kW PD
09K927750L1291AXE, BPC2.5l 5cyl 128kW TDI